How to Get Sound on Reddit (3 Ways)

How to Get Sound on Reddit (3 Ways)

As a matter of fact, Reddit is popularly known for its memes and community-based post, the app is fun to use. However, one thing which is inconvenient for users is that by default it mutes videos on the Reddit App. To hear the audio you need to know how to get sound on Reddit.

To learn How to Get Sound on Reddit (3 Ways)

1. Basic Troubleshoots

Here are some basic troubleshooting, which many of you might have checked but some people might have missed, which can be the cause of this issue.

i) Check phone volume.

ii) The phone shouldn’t be on silent mode, check it and remove it from silent mode.

2. Tap on the Volume icon to Turn ON Sounds

This is also a reason why you aren’t able to get sounds on the Reddit app. Because by default Reddit mutes the audio, which you have to turn ON by tapping on Speaker/Volume icon.

Turn ON Speakers

i) First of all, you can open the Reddit App here.

ii) Then, Just find the desired video you want to play.

iii) Then, the next is you can just Tap on the Speaker icon that belongs on the bottom right side of the appropriate video.

iv) If you are viewing a video in the video player, then also click on the Speaker icon at the bottom right corner.

3. Instal Apollo/Sync App to Get Sound on NSFW Videos (Reddit)

There are some videos on Reddit, which say ‘Video doesn’t have sound’ they might be NSFW Videos. Problem is that Reddit doesn’t allow audio for NSFW videos on mobile. However, there are two solutions.

The first one is to watch NSFW on a desktop, and the second one is to download the Apollo app for iOS and Sync app for android, to watch NSFW videos on the Reddit app.

i) Firstly, Go to on a desktop web browser.

ii) Then, all you need to do is click on your appropriate profile icon and then select User Settings from the drop-down list.

iii) Afterward you can go to Feed Setting tab.

iv) From next, Toggle to turn on Adult Content.

  1. Download Apollo app for iOS (iPhone)Sync App for Android
  2. After installing Apollo app for iOS and the Sync app for Android, Sign-in with your Reddit account.

Now, in that app only go to that video, which audio you want to hear. You will be able to hear that audio but if not, tap on the Speaker icon, and you’ll be able to hear audio.

Sounds great? try it and follow the steps.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Why Is There No Sound on Reddit Mobile?

On the Reddit Mobile app, you won’t get sound for NSFW videos, the only way to hear NSFW videos on Reddit is to use a desktop browser or you have to download apps like Apollo (iOS) and Sync (Android).

For non-NFSW videos, you can tap on the speaker icon and it will enable the audio. Remember that many videos themselves haven’t had any audio, it is just a video.

That’s it for this article, hopefully, you have found it helpful, thanks for reading!

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