To Learn How to flip an Image in Google docs?

To Learn How To Flip An Image In Google Docs

Of course, Flipping an image is to flip the image upside down. When we see ourselves in the mirror, we see a flipped image or a reflection of ours.

When we refer to a flipped image, it is meant that when we hold our left hand, the reflection of the image in the mirror appears to be raising its right hand.

Similarly, when an image is flipped in Google docs, the left part of the image becomes its right part and vice versa. In short, a flipped image is a reversed image. The image can be rotated either horizontally or vertically.

Want to Know How To Flip an Image in Google Docs?

Flipped image is not to be confused with a rotated image. Images can be flipped from top to bottom or from side to side whereas a rotated image means a tilted image.

Of course, If you want to flip an image in a google document, you can follow the below steps and then you will be able to flip any kind of image without any trouble.

#1. You can open the google docs document 

Firstly, go to the google docs document where the image you wish to flip is or where you wish to upload your image. Sign in with Gmail to confirm your identity. Suppose the desired Google docs document doesn’t already exist. In that case, a new one can easily be created by clicking on the plus sign on the screen and selecting any template or directly clicking on ‘new document.

Google Docs New Document

#2. Select/Click on the image you would like to flip

If the image you want to flip is already uploaded here, then you can click on the image. And after you can right-clicking on the image and simply choose the “cut” option, or else you can simply pressing Ctrl+X. If any new image is to be uploaded, then click on the insert button from the menu. Click on ‘image’ to select and upload the desired image from your phone or pc.

Go to Insert Option and Upload the Image You want

Click the Drawing Option

Press Ctrl+X on the image or right click and choose the "Cut" option

#3. Click on the ‘drawing’ tool from the menu

Return to the menu, you can click the insert option here, and then you’ll be able to see the “drawing” tool option. Take the cursor on ‘drawing’ and select ‘New’.

Go to the Drwaing Option and Move it to the cursor right hand side and pick the "New" option

#4. Paste the image in the ‘drawing’ tool

The 4th step is to right-click on the drawing tool’s blank space and select ‘paste.’ The cut image will appear by selecting’ paste.

Right click on the empty space and Paste the image or press Ctrl+V

#5. Flip the image

Now, go to the ‘Action’ tool on the menu and move the cursor to rotate.
Here, You will see the two options. One is ‘flip horizontally, and the other one is ‘flip vertically.’
Click on the former to flip the image side to side and the latter to flip the image upside down. Save and close.

Flip Horizontally and Vertically Option

Press Save & Close option

This figure shows the Final Flip Image Changing their position

That’s it. The image is flipped successfully!

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