Best 10 Out of office Messages Samples and Templates

The Best 10 Out of office Messages Samples and Templates

Writing an out of office message is very important and acceptable, most especially when you are going on holidays or be out of your office for some times.

If it’s your desire to know better on how to go about writing an out of office messages, you are in the right place for the right info.

What kind of message you should write, send and the kind of messages you should not write or send?

Communication is the most essential tools to keep one business alive and UpToDate. In order to make your out of office messages favorably and yield the good results, you must be highly professional in your reply to your client’s emails. You should avoid the following:

“I am presently out of my office, not in my workplace and also escape of my mind. Enjoy yourself.”



Nevertheless, the following are the best top 10 samples of templates you can use to send your messages when you are out of your office. And even get more sales when you’re not working than when you are in the office.

The 10 Best Top Out Office Samples Messages


Sample 1:


{Your Salutation}

I appreciate your email. Presently I am out of the office, and will not come back until DAY/MONTH. Favorably for you, our products and services are ever available and we have this tremendous eBook or white paper or infographic on {TITLE} that I believe you will make use of.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]


USE CASE: The first sample message regarding for content promotion. The above out of office message will not only assist you to drive conversion but will also help you to drive and promote your products and services despite that you are out of office. In addition, if you set this kind of out of office templates for your email then your absence doesn’t impact your company/organization sales.


Sample 2:


{Your Salutation}

Thanks for your message. Currently, I’m out of the office starting from DAY/MONTH to DAY/MONTH with no access to email. If your inquiry/requirement is not critical, I’ll be responding all of your emails I missed when I come back on [DAY]. Meanwhile, if not, kindly contact [NAME] through [EMAIL] or [PHONE] and he/she will definitely the response to your matter.

Did you need my assistance about [SERVICE YOU PROVIDE]? Great! Hear the responses of our customers about our splendid products has been favored. (CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS OR CASE STUDIES LINKS)

Best Regards,

[Your Name]


Use case: The second sample template regarding especially for Traffic Driving. This kind of Out of Office Message can be used when you’re aware and perfectly sure of types of emails you may receive when you are out of office. You can also use this out of office message to generate and direct customers to a particular Blog, page, article, your products, and services, as well as FAQ.


Sample 3:


[Your Salutation]

From (STARTING DATE) through (END DATE) I will be out of the office and returning on (DATE OF RETURN). If you need immediate assistance during my absence, kindly contact (CONTACTS NAME) at (CONTACTS EMAIL ADDRESS). Or else, I will answer your emails immediately upon my coming back.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]


Use case: General out of office Autoresponder. Actually, this out of office sample text used for general purpose. Notably, this one is most common and preferable out of office message that sends every day. It is possible that you have received it on several occasions from different people for a different purpose.


Sample 4:


Hello there,

Thank you very much for your email. I will be out of the office from MM/DD to MM/DD and will not have access to email. However, If this is crucial, please contact [NAME] at [EMAIL] or [PHONE]. I will do my level best to respond promptly to your email when I come back on MM/DD.



Use Case: Basic use. It is one of the most straightforward out of office message Template. You can modify it to your own taste or your writing skill. [I can only advise you to use any of the available readymades out of office message template. Probably You can choose anyone from this article.]


Sample 5.


[Your Salutation]

I’m sorry, I’m out of the office from MM/DD to MM/DD and will respond to your message/email when I coming back on [DAY]. 

In order to know our latest news/informations at [COMPANY], kindly follow us on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn /Instagram / Pinterest / Etc. (We’re really humorous on Twitter, believe me.)

I’ll answer you as soon as I come back.

Best Regards


Use case: This out of office sample that helps in order to social engagement and relationship building. This template is informed that you are not available at the office as well as to drive a social fitting together between the Receiver and the company (the sender of the out of office message). Of course, you can insert all of your social media activity links so that this will unswervingly land to the Potentially interested person who has just sent you an email.

Sample 6


[Your Salutation]

Thanks for your message. Currently, I am not available at the office and will be back at (DATE OF COMING BACK). During my out of the office, I will have restricted contact to my email. For instant support, kindly contact me through my mobile phone at (YOUR MOBILE PHONE NUMBER).


Best Regards,


[Your Name]


Use Case: Direct way to Avoid Spam and unnecessary emails. If your inbox gets too numerous auctions pitches or if you need to avoid unwanted spam/fake messages or lead to a specific article or social media network, then this type of out of office message template good for such target or purpose. Additionally, you can add more than one phone number for effective communication in case the message is not a sales pitch and a Significant Mail or such client can contact you through your phone numbers.

Sample 7


[Season’s salutations!]

This is my annual favorite, as a result, I’m now out of the office continuing teacup of cocoa, filling my face with diets, and make an effort to achieve my life-long goal of learning by rote every single line of [YOUR PREFERRED HOLIDAY MOVIE].

I’ll be back soon and check your emails/messages in my computer on [DATE] and will instantly reply to your message at that time. If you want fast support, kindly send an email to [CONTACT PERSON’S NAME] at [CONTACT PERSON’S EMAIL] so that the other pixies in this workshop can assist you and sort it out.

Wishes you joyous holidays!

Use case: In general, this sample text is one kind of Holiday Period Out of office Message Template. This kind of out of office message Template is good and acceptable to be used when you want to be a moment responsive and tremendous to your budding prospect. And causing your prospect feel happy and responsive with this out of office message you, at the same time, it is an avenue to expand and grow your probabilities of marketing your product and services while emerging confidence and communal wisdom of shared sensitivity can also let you grow your product’s voucher fee.


Sample 8:


Hi there,

I’m not available at the office till [date].

Nevertheless, I will be taking periodic breakdowns from splurge viewing all I’ve missed for checking my email inbox [once per day/every morning/infrequently] while I’m away.

But if this matter isn’t time-subtle, I’ve assured you that I’ll answer your request when I’m back in the office. Then, if this is a crucial inquiry, kindly resend any messages that need my prompt attention with a topic line of “URGENT: [Main Subject]”.

Best of luck,

[Your Name]

Use case: Holiday Break. This kind of out of office message template can be used when you are in holidays like Christmas, New Year, Easter Break, End of the Year Holidays, etc.  and if your emails are open to you, then you can use this kind of out of office message template. It is also a candid and tells your receiver that you are on a holiday or a periodic break.

Sample 9:


[Your Salutation]

I will not be in the office beginning from (STARTING DATE) through (END DATE) coming back on (DATE OF RETURN).

If you want instant help throughout my time off, kindly contact (CONTACTS NAME) at (CONTACTS EMAIL ADDRESS). Or else, I will answer to your emails as soon as possible upon my arrival.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]


Use Case: Holiday Away message! This kind of out of office template can be used to notify the receiver that you out of your office and you will be coming back on an exact date. if the receiver wants urgent reply, you can add your contact phone number to reach you immediately.


Sample 10:


[Your Salutation]


We appreciate your message, and your email is essential to us, and we shall respond as soon as possible.


Thanks for your concern.

[Your Name]


Use Case: Simple and Moderate Email Autoresponder.

All these are the best top 10 out of office messages samples template I have for you. However, you can get in contact me if you have any question or suggestions on any of the above samples of out of the office message templates. Please feel free to mail me your suggestions or questions!

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