Is Baking Harder than Cooking?

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Baking and cooking have their own pros and cons. But still, there is a question: Which is Harder? Let us answer if baking is harder than cooking or vice versa!

Evolution of Preparing Food

There is a lot of fuss in the kitchen when it comes to baking and cooking. In the restaurant business, you can say that this is the el Classico of preparing food.

Since the start of human life, the way of preparing food has been evolving continuously. From uncooked, raw food to spicy exotic food, the ways have changed a lot. Cooking on raw fire using utensils, and now switching to the microwave. Even eating habits have been evolving. First, a person ate with bare hands and now spoon, fork, chopsticks and straws.

Everything has made food processing easier for man. Though cooking on fire is an ancient way of preparing food, baking is still new comparatively.

Let us know a little about baking and cooking


While baking, you have to add all the ingredients before turning them into the oven. You will have to make sure that all the ingredients are properly mixed. Preparing the batter to put into the oven is the harder step when you are baking.

Once you are done preparing the batter, you can put it into the oven. While baking, the temperature should be consistent. This makes sure that your food gets crispy from the outside and juicy inside.

You have to make sure that you are keeping the food in the oven for a proper time. Otherwise, it could turn out to be half baked or at times over baked. It is tough to keep it properly so it does not ruin.

Even a little distraction is enough to ruin your food while baking. Though baking is considered to be healthy as it does not include unnecessary fats. Also, the vitamins and proteins stay intact in the food rather than burning up.


Cooking is the ancient art of preparing food for mankind. You use multiple utensils and recipes to cook. You also follow a number of instructions while preparing food to maintain the taste.

The ingredients have to be added at the right time. Consistent supervision should be done to avoid overcooking or at times burning it up.

While cooking you have a direct connection with the fire. Thus it could be risky if you are not one used to it. Also, the kitchen temperature gets high due to fire and thus could be hard on the body.

If the food is cooked properly, it gains all the proteins and vitamins and is really healthy. At times over cooking may burn out a number of proteins.

So Is Baking Harder than Cooking?

Both baking and cooking have their pros and cons. And both are difficult if you are not used to them. Though baking is not something that has evolved throughout the world. Cooking still remains the number one choice globally.

Baking still could be easier at times because you are not directly exposed to the heat. You just prepare your food. And let the oven do the fireworks. But while cooking you have to stay right beside the fire. This turns out to be pretty hard for many people. Also, the supervision is consistent while cooking, which is not really the case with baking.

Thus I think it is safe to say that both are tough. But cooking just has an edge over baking. There could be differences in opinion and that is completely acceptable. Because everyone carries a different experience of baking and cooking, it actually is quite subjective.

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