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How To Plan A Wedding Yourself Without Any Trouble

Planning your big is a big responsibility but with the right guidance, you can do anything. follow these tips to avoid the on-time hassle. find all the wedding planning ideas here.

A to Z Of Wedding Planning {Step By Step Guide For How To Plan A Wedding}

In the course of a person’s life, a wedding is one of the most important events. All the family members, relatives, brothers, and sisters wait for the wedding. So it becomes very necessary to have a perfect wedding. If you have to save the dates for your big day then this article will be a must-read for you. I will tell you how to plan a wedding. There is a lot to do at a wedding from engagement ring to wedding venues all things seem very complicated at first. But all you need to do is become a little organized and do things step by step.

Do not force anything and try to do 2 or 3 things at one time. This way you will save both your money and energy. Remember that everyone is different so not all the below mentions will work for everyone. But you will surely find a way where to start planning your wedding.

#1. Decide the date first

Fix and plan wedding date

First of all, If you want to plan a wedding then the most important thing is to fix the wedding dates. Set the dates first like the rehearsal dinner date, wedding date, engagement date, etc. this will help you organize the things more clearly. Prepare your wedding dress at least one month before the wedding day. Avoid on-time hassle as much as possible otherwise, the stress will show on the wedding day.

#2. Guestlist

Before selecting the venue guest count is important. Based on the number of family and friends you can choose the venue. When you decide to have a destination wedding, it is important to find out how many guests you intend to invite. So make the guest list at first. Based on the number of guests compare the venue prices. If you will do this prior then you will have a chance to remove and add guests to your list. You can save some money by this.

#3. Decide wedding theme

Planned Wedding Theme

Of course, this is one of the most crucial steps in the process of planning a wedding. What wedding style you choose reflects your selection and also your relationship with your partner. If you are gouging for a very small bridal party that includes only family and some close friends then there is no need to select a theme for your wedding day. But if you are organizing a big event then a wedding thee plays an important role. Some examples of wedding themes are as follows:

  • Romantic
  • Formal
  • Nature-inspired
  • Rustic

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#4. Wedding invitations

Invite your friends and relations for your marriage

You should start sending the invitations only 4 to 5 weeks before the wedding but there is no harm in ordering them before the time. On-time things require special attention. If you order the invitation prior then there will be left room for the correction just in case. Research a little online about the invitation card prices. Compare the online and offline prices and select the one that comes under your budget. There are many types of wedding invitations; like nature-friendly, traditional, paper post, etc. if you are going with a themed wedding the theme should reflect on the invitation card. Once you plan a wedding date, you must start an invitation early as possible. This will avoid the last-minute rush on your end.

#5. Choose vendors

There are different types of vendors that you will need at a wedding. I will suggest you research them. Ask your friends and family that recently had a wedding to compare the prices. You will need the  following vendors:

  • Photographer
  • Catering
  • Makeup
  • Videographer
  • Florist
  • Musician

All these are some necessary vendors that will make your wedding more perfect so select them wisely. Go through different wedding websites to search about the vendors and also take some decoration ideas from there.

#6. Wedding planner

If you have no time or don’t want to put pressure on yourself because of your busy wedding schedule then you can hire a professional wedding planner. If you will have a small wedding then all the arrangements will be easy to do ut in a big wedding all things gt mixed up and make you confused. So try to hire a wedding planner for a big wedding.  They will also help you more with the destination wedding and decoration things. Because all these wedding planners have their connections to the vendors and all so you will not have to run here and there for a particular one. Once you plan a wedding check the estimated value on your end. This will helps to come under your budget.

#7. Wedding dresses

Wedding Dress

Choose what you will wear not only on the wedding day but on the bachelor party, bridal party, etc. do not try to please everyone. Remember it is your day and the priority should be your comfort first. So go with the dresses in which you feel comfortable. To avoid the fitting issues make sure you do the wedding dress at least a month before the wedding. This will gives room to correct the mistakes. You can also go for the rental dress. Some brands give the wedding dresses for rent so you can check that and go for it.

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#8. Before and after events

Prepare everything in prior. Plan yours before and after-party events. Do not change wedding plans on the spot. Stick to your plans. Some of the plans that you should consider most are:

  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Bachelor parties
  • After wedding party
  • Honeymoon
  • Morning brunch

Select all the menu, dress, and budget at least 2 weeks before the wedding. If you are doing a theme wedding then make sure you do not do anything out of the theme because it will not look good. So stick to your theme. Ask your wedding planner about the choices. Decide the menu and the budget first.

#9. Engagement ring

Engagement ring

You might have a dream wedding ring in your mind. To get the perfect ring you will have to run here and there a little. Do not stick to one shop. Try different shops in your city. Compare the store price with the online price before buying. If you wanna lower your budget a little then go for the ring customization section. Select your desirable design but lower the weight of the ring. This way you will be getting your dream ring at an affordable price during the plan a wedding. Go for the wedding band section, most of the stores provide a discount in this section. And if you are desiring to have a couple of wedding rings you will easily find this in this section.

#10. Marriage license

This is a very important thing that people usually forget. Getting a wedding license before marriage should come under your top mos priority. You can get this by the city clerk’s office.  But go there or check the website for the document required list. By doing this you will not have to run there twice and in one visit your work will get done. The documents that are required for the marriage license are:

  • Birth certificate
  • Photo-ID
  • Money (This varies from place to place)
  • Witness
  • Photo

Prepare all these documents in advance to avoid any type of disturbance. The money required in this process depends upon the clerk. So this can not be told prior.

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#11. Help guests

Not everyone can make it to your wedding. Some relatives and family members live far away. It is therefore important that you provide the accommodations for the wedding guests if you are planning a destination wedding. Book a hotel prior according to the guest from both sides. To avoid any chance book a few extra rooms just in case of a last-minute addition.

Do not book all rooms in one hotel. It will increase the cost. Try to book rooms in different hotels. Make sure that the distance between the two hotels is not much. Took the cheap rooms like on the ground floor. Keep the wedding venue in mind. Do not book a hotel much far from the venue because then it will also add the bus or transport fee into your budget.

#12. Photoshoot

Funny weddng photoshoot images

Everyone does a pre-wedding photoshoot these days. Select the budget-friendly location and make sure you end the pre-wedding photoshoot at least 3 to 4 days before the wedding. Also on the wedding day try to have your makeup and stuff done at least one or two hours before the wedding. Because then you will have enough time for your photos.

If you want to save some money after the plan of a wedding, take a dress on rent for the pre-wedding shoot. This will help you save some extra dollars and you can get your dream dress too. Also, save time taking photos with family and friends because in the end only the pics that remain for the memory. Hire a good photographer and make them understand exactly what kind of pics you want. This way it will be easy for both the photographer and you to get good clicks.

#13. Why wedding planning is necessary

Plan a wedding checklist points

A wedding is a very big day. Your lives change after that. Your family changes your priority changes. So everyone wants that their wedding becomes perfect. To avoid all the hassle on the wedding day and to avoid all the stress and drama it is important to plan everything prior. If you are finding this hectic then do not take any pressure just hire a wedding planner for your wedding. Tell him your budget and the type of wedding that you want. After that, all you have to do is just double-check things. Sit back relax and everything will get done on time.

And if you want to save some money then try to figure out everything. Take some help from some experienced friends and family members. Like which is a good caterer and an affordable makeup artist and all.

#14. Sit back and relax

Now when you have done everything. Just enjoy your wedding functions and your wedding day. Do not leave room for any mistakes. In the end, if some work is left then give responsibility to your elder brother sister etc. remember it is your day and you have all rights to enjoy that fully.


In conclusion, the plan a whole wedding is not an easy task but with the right guidance and steps, you can do this very easily. Also, we are humans so do not expect everything to be perfect. Maybe some things will not go as by the plan but it does not mean that your whole day has been ruined. Do not let one thing spoil your mood or day. Do your best to make it perfect. Try to be flexible. You will have to run here and there a lot.

With all the wedding planning take care of your health too. Book all the makeup, catering, photographer, and stuff prior. Avoid doing weddings in late summers and late winters. Avoid Christmas time because this time the wedding costs are very high all the venues become full. So go for an off-season wedding to save some extra dollars.

Prepare a checklist to avoid forgetting important things. Tick the things that have been booked. If you will follow this article then the chances of missing something on your important day will reduce up to 40%. Watch some wedding videos to get ideas about the bridal entry and all.

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