How to See Friendship between Two People on Facebook

How to See Friendship between Two People on Facebook

From Facebook page you can easily see your friend’s account and also your mutual friend’s account. Through the interactions on your post you can easily reach and find each other’s friend. Timeline images, post and images can easily help you in this aspect to get reach of your desired destination.

Step wise guide to see Friendship between Two People on Facebook

At first step sign in your own Facebook account to find details about friendship between two people in related exchange of information. Now you have to navigate to the desired person timeline who is in your friend list. On the cover photo you can get a gear icon. From here you will get the option “See Friendship”.

Instantly the friendship pages on Facebook will be displayed. Now, what to do to see others friendship page details? Here by we will guide you with same.

From the friends timeline copy the Facebook id which is the URL present in address bar. It serves as string character. It generally comes as followed by a name. Just copy upto this part and then ignore any character after that.

In a new tab paste the id from the url. Replace first id with the second id and then press enter.

You may also navigate to the timeline by clicking on the MORE option.

Hope this will make your endeavor easy in achieving your destination.


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