How To Lose Weight With Empty Sella Syndrome?

How To Lose Weight With Empty Sella Syndrome

If you have empty sella syndrome then it is very hard to lose weight. There are a lot of people who are struggling to lose weight with this syndrome. But with the right techniques you can lose weight. You have to do cages in your lifestyles along with the right exercise and proper medication.

With this combination, you can lose weight in this syndrome. Here is the guide for how to lose weight with empty sella syndrome. If you are one of those people who wants to lose weight but failed due to empty stella syndrome.

You are at the right place for food this guide will help you in achieving your desired weight. There is nothing to lose hope on this journey. All you have to do is be regular with your routine and you will be good to go. 

Basics About Empty Sella Syndrome

Sella turcica is a structure that is localized on the base of the brain. And the pituitary glands are located in this. In this condition, the pituitary glands become flattened because of the sella turcica.

Empty Sella Syndrome

Sella turcica plays an important role in managing different body functions. Especially the hormonal balance of the body. But when the pituitary gland is affected then the hormonal balance of the body disturbs it. Which makes it easy to gain weight and hard to lose fat.  You will have slow progress in weight loss because of the hormonal imbalance. 

Symptoms Of Empty Sella Syndrome

There are some signs and symptoms of empty Stella syndrome. If you will observe these symptoms then you will be able to get an idea about his syndrome. These are the obvious signs. So if you notice these in your body then you should visit your healthcare provider once.

  • Nipple discharge even if you do not have babies
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulty in losing weight
  • Not having regular periods
  • Fatigue
  • Vision becomes diminish

It is not possible to get all these symptoms at once. So if you are noticing some signs in the above-mentioned list. Then you may have the empty Stella syndrome.

Tips For How To Lose Weight With Empty Sella Syndrome

Tips For How To Lose Weight With Empty Sella Syndrome

If you are on a weight loss journey with this syndrome then here are some tips that you can use. Adding these to a weight loss plan will help in reducing the weight. 

#1. Limit Your Portion Of Food

Controlling the hungry is not enough to lose weight. You have to eat the right amount of food at the right time. Only then you can lose weight with this syndrome. Try to fit the meal portion and the time that you will eat your meal.

Do this daily and then your body will set the limit for food consumption. Also after some time body will become habitual to eat at a certain time. So you can avoid overeating with this technique of managing food.

#2. Do Suitable Exercises

Do Suitable Exercises

You can not lose with this syndrome if you have the same routine for exercise. You have to see your whole week’s routine for the exercises. Take rest days as well. But combine your low-impact exercise with strength training.

If you will do strength training then you will be able to lose weight faster. But if you are doing the strength training for the first time then start with low weight in the presence of a trainer. You can gradually increase the weights. 

#3. Be On Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapy will have a huge impact on your weight loss. The hormonal imbalance in your body will not let you lose weight easily. So visit your healthcare provider and be on hormonal therapy.

This hormonal therapy will complete the need of daily requirements of your hormones that you are not getting from your body. Hence helps you a lot in losing weight.

#4. Do Appropriate Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are important in losing weight with empty stell syndrome. Because without these you cannot manage the hormone levels. Hence sleeping on time and waking up on time is necessary. So if you take more stress then the hormonal balance will be disturbed again in your body.

So you have to see some ways to manage the stress that you are having in your life. You can do meditation to keep yourself from stress. Also instead of taking sleeping pills try to put your devices away at least one hour before going to bed.

#5. Use Supplements To Lose Weight

There are some supplements that you can use to lose weight in empty stell syndrome. Because your metabolism becomes slow in this syndrome. Hence by increasing the metabolism of your body, you can easily lose some weight.

Use Supplements To Lose Weight

Here is a list of some common supplements that will help you. These do not have any side effects on your body. So you do not have to worry about having the adverse effects of these medicines on your body.

These supplements are very common and are also used as energy boosters. So you will get these from any store very easily. You can look for many online stores to get these. If you have some other health condition then try to consult with your doctor before start consuming these. 

Is Empty Sella Syndrome Life-Threatening?

Empty Stella is not a life-threatening disease. But it can hinder your many day-to-day activities. However, the symptoms of this syndrome depend on the intensity of the syndrome. If the pituitary gland has mild shrinking then you will not even see the symptoms.

But many other patients have a severe hormonal imbalance and hence symptoms like infertility can rise in those patients. To treat such conditions you have to deal with the underlying cause you might experience the different intensity symptoms but it is not life-threatening.

Diagnoses For the Empty Sella Syndrome

If you are experiencing some symptoms of the syndrome then you can do a diagnosis test. A brain CT scan and an MRI of the brain both will work for the diagnosis of this syndrome. You can take the reports to your healthcare provider. And they will do the respective medication and all.

Also, you can do blood tests for the hormones. This will help in determining which hormones are in deficit condition in your body. Some doctors also suggest eye tests. Because this syndrome directly affects the eyes of the patients. 

Medications Used In Empty Sella Syndrome

Medications Used In Empty Sella Syndrome

There are no specific medications for this syndrome. The only thing that the healthcare provider does is symptomatic management. If you are having some adverse symptoms they can be managed by the medications. Like if a person is having headaches then the pain killer can be given to them.

If the hormone level is very low it is affecting the daily functions. Then the medications to increase the hormones can be given. But other than this there will be no medicines to treat the root cause of this syndrome. 


In conclusion, Here is the whole guide on how to lose weight with empty Sella syndrome. It is not impossible to lose weight with this syndrome. But if you follow the right strategies then you will be able to lose weight. Otherwise, you will be trapped in a never-ending loop of weight gain and loss.

And you will never achieve your ideal weight. Because this syndrome has a direct effect on the hormones and the metabolism. So it makes it very hard for the propel to lose weight. Follow all the tips that are given here to see the best possible results. 

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