How To Live As a Magic School Wizard

How To Live As a Magic School Wizard

Surviving as a mage in the wizard academy is the new webtoon that has been trending these days. It is an online novel and people are loving the plot and the storyline of this webtoon. This is the story of a magic school wizard who is the only son of a well-known family and how he struggles to settle himself in the school.

The novel How to Live as a Magic school wizard is long and it is not out completely. People are waiting for the new episodes of Webtoon.

It is because it is getting more and more exciting with every chapter. Here is more information about this novel. If you’re also a fan of reading webtoons and are currently reading this one then you are at the right place for the information.

Another Name Of This Webtoon

This webtoon is known by other names too. So some people get confused when they search for this webtoon online. But if you will use the alternative names then you will get the same results.

Here is the list of other names of this webtoon. You can use any of these names to search this webtoon.

  • Life of a magic academy mage
  • Magic academy survival guide
  • Surviving as a mage in wizard academy

So all these names are famous for these webtoons.  So do not get confused while searching this webtoon.

Publishing Information Of Academy Mage Life Webtoon

Kakao Webtoon is publishing this drama and they released every episode on Wednesday. So you will get to see one episode per week. However, it is a long novel and it is currently ongoing. This has more than 150 chapters. And it was first published on November 30, 2022. Since then this is in demand and people all around the world love to read the chapters.

Kakao webtoon is one of the most popular platforms for webtoons. There are many other popular webtoons present on this platform. You can get a subscription after downloading the app. It is a must-have app for webtoon lovers. 

Age Restriction On How To Live As a Magic School Wizard

Most of the webtoons come with age restrictions. But this webtoon is an exception. It has no age restriction. People of all ages can read this webtoon. The age-restricted webtoons have some inappropriate plots and all.

But it is a mystery, fantasy, and magic-based webtoon. Children under the age of 14 read this webtoon a lot. It is the most popular webtoon among teenagers. 

Summary Of Magic School Wizard Webtoon

Lee Han was a graduate student that died and was then reborn in the other world. Here he is born into a family of reputed mages. He has to go into the magic academy to read and study about wizards. This academy denies the fact that he does not want to enter any of the academies.

After he enters the academy a lot of monster appears. And all the professors were not able to fight with them. He played an important role in saving the academy. Later he decides to stay in the academy and fight with his inner self.

Genre And Publisher Of This Webtoon

There are a lot of genres involved in this novel. It is because to make it sire for the style of most of the readers.

The genres of this novel are as follows:

  • Adventure
  • School life
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy

So, It’s like a one-pack for all the desires of a person. You can read this t fulfill all your webtoon desires here. This novel is progressively becoming more and more exciting.  Readers wait for the new chapters very eagerly.

The publisher of these webtoons is Daum and Kakao. The author of this webtoon is a writing machine. Currently, chapter 48 is ongoing in this webtoon and you will get to see the new episode on Wednesday.


In conclusion, here is how to live as a magic school wizard. This is the most famous webtoon that is popular with teenagers. It has no age restrictions. And it quenches the thrust of fantasy novel readers. If you are new to the world of webtoons and have a desire to read something new and trendy. Then you can go food this webtoon. It is easily available and the language is also understandable.

Here is the complete guide about this webtoon. Make sure that you read all this before start watching this. Because then you will understand the plot of the webtoon. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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