How to find someone’s IP address on Instagram?

To Learn How to find someone's IP address on Instagram Account

An IP address is your identification on this vast internet. To prevent sharing your IP address with anyone, it is paramount that you remain vigilant at all times. But for some reason, if you wish to know somebody else IP address, You can do so in few simple steps. Throughout this article, I show you how to find someone’s IP address through Instagram. Once you can access somebody’s IP, You can easily then identify their location.

How can I find someone’s IP address on Instagram?

It can be very awesome when you are skeptical about someone’s location. Everybody who accesses the internet has an IP address, And many people try to hide their IP through a VPN. So it is also very important to keep in mind, That the IP that you identify with different tools might not be real and has been masked on top of their real location.

There are many IP logger websites, But I would prefer to use Grabify for this tutorial.

1) Firstly, You can visit the profile of your target on Instagram, And copy their Instagram profile link.

2) Then, You can visit the Grabify websites by clicking on this link, Or by logging

3) Now, You can paste the profile link in the bottom input bar of the website. And click on create URL.

Copy Paste Profile Link in Grabigy Ip Logger

4) The links you have created are now visible to you.  Like the tracking code and the new Grabify link.

All list of link informations

5) You can use the tracking code to return again and see all the activities on your Grabify link.  

How to mask your URL link?

Once, You have created the Grabiby link; It’s necessary to hide it with another genuine-looking link. You may have problems sharing the same link since people are suspicious of it, thinking it is something fishy. We are going to mask the link with something that looks more real.

1) First of all, Visit your tracking link page on the Grabify website, And click on the SELECT DOMAIN NAME, You’ll find it in the upper right corner of your screen.

Choose the appropriate domain name

2) Now, change the domain link to something that might be similar to your link context. For example, If you are sharing an image, Choose the  And choose the link extension as PNG, JPG.

Now that we have created a link that looks genuine, We can move forward towards the next step. As a result, it is crucial to this process; Because unless you make the convincing message that makes the receiver link on the link, all your hard work will go to vien.

How to mask your link to look unsuspicious using

Step-1: Visit website and signup for a new account. Those with an existing account can also log in with their credentials.

Step 2: Now, Once you are on the dashboard, click on the create link button on the left side of your screen and paste your Grabify link. This will give you a new link that is not suspicious.

Paste your Grabify link here

Here are tips on how to write a convincing message:

Write a Convincing Message -Sample Image

1) If you are sharing this with someone whom you know personally, Then also mention something in your message that the other person can resonate with.

i.e; Hey josh, I have written my homework. Could you check if I have done it correctly? (PASTE LINK)

2) If you are sending this message to someone whom you don’t know, Then you have to frame a message that looks genuinely clickable.

i.e; Hey Ronaldo, I’m your biggest fan. And I have made fan art for you. Would you please take the time to look at the artwork:

To know if your target has clicked on the link, You have to visit the Grabify website. To do so, You can create an account on the Grabify website, So that you could see all your links under your account If you do not wish to create an account with the following website. You can use the tracking code to revisit in the future to check if somebody has clicked on your website.

1) You can visit the grabby website through this link or logging

2) Now, Enter the tracking code in the input bar, And click on the Tracking Code button.

Tracking information in Grabify IP Logger

Samp;le IP Logs


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