How To Dispose Of Old Toilet {Working Methods}

How To Dispose Of Old Toilet {Working Methods}

My dad loves nature a lot. When we replaced our old toilet with a new one, he had some good ideas for disposing of the old toilet. Because he knew how harmful these could be to Mother Nature. Seeing him being responsible towards Mother Nature creates a sense of awareness in us. 

Just like us, there are many people out there who are replacing their old toilets. But you cannot throw your old toilet in the garbage just like that. Here I will share my experience of how we disposed of our old toilet. And how you can do this in a variety of ways.

What is the need to dispose of old toilets responsibly?

Now many of you will ask why should we dispose of old toilets with care. We can just through the toilet seat in the garbage. But this is not the case.

The first reason is recycling. The cost to manufacture new products will decrease significantly if we recycle the old toilets.

Another big reason is the safety hazard. Old toilets contain bacteria and germs. And these germs can create serious infections in the community.

In some states, it is illegal to throw old toilets in garbage. So to save yourself from getting into any legal trouble you should dispose of the old toilet with responsibility.

Signs of replacing the toilet

Before doing all this, you should ask yourself do I need to replace my toilet? Here we will discuss when you should replace your toilet. If you are seeing these signs then you can replace the old toilet. Avoid any kind of unnecessary replacement.

  • If your toilet seat is broken.
  • Any possible leakage from the toilet seat will cured only by replacing it.
  • If you are upgrading your home with new and advanced features then replacement can be done.

How do I dispose of my old toilet – My experience

I will share my experience here as soon as we get off the old toilet.

How do I dispose of my old toilet - My experience

  1. My dad and I cleaned it nicely. We use alcohol-based disinfectants. Alcohol-based disinfectants are good because they can kill 99 percent of germs.
  2. After cleaning properly, we let the old toilet dry in the sunlight. Sunlight has UV radiation that gain kills germs. 
  3. After doing all this, we put it in our driveway for a free giveaway. And to our surprise, our old toilet was taken by a family within 24 hours. This way we have contributed to reusing and saving Mother Nature too.

Other methods to dispose of old toilet

Here are some other methods that you can use for this purpose. Not all methods will work for everyone. So considering this, I will suggest a few methods. You can use any of the most suitable methods.

#1. Recycling

Do you know that toilets are made from porcelain? And this can be used to prepare new toilets. If you have a recycling company nearby then they will accept porcelain-based toilets very easily. 

Some companies might even give some money in exchange for your old toilets for recycling. You can earn some money and contribute to recycling as well.

#2. Contact a waste management company

Now if you are completely clueless about what to do with the old toilet then you can contact a waste management company in your area. They will take care of your old toilet for you. You have to pay some money to them for this work. But at last, you will be satisfied that your old toilet will be disposed of with care.

#3. Use the old toilet as a planter

Use the old toilet as a planter

If you have a garden then you can use your toilet in your garden. Toilets can be used to plant new trees. This idea may seem odd to many people. But there are several ways to place these old toilets in your garden. And to my surprise, they look very good. If they are placed at the right spot.

Things to consider while disposing of your old toilet

There are a few things that one should consider before doing all this. So it is important to know about these. You can say that these are the rules to dispose of your old toilet properly.

  • Some states have special policies to dispose of your toilets. So, it is good to read those policies before taking any steps.
  • Always wear gloves while dealing with your old toilet. Because the chance of spreading infections is high from these toilets.
  • If you are unaware of the disposing methods then try to educate yourself first. And then take any step. Any uneducated step will cost you more.

So all these things are small but these have a much greater impact on the nature and people around you.


Here we have discussed various methods to dispose of old toilets with care. Toilet replacement is very rare. After placing a toilet it usually goes for years. So not many people are aware of the proper disposing techniques.

There are several easy ways to do this. You just need to take one positive step forward. One right step can help to save Mother Nature.


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