10 Steps For How To Hump With A Pillow

10 Steps For How To Hump With A Pillow

Do you know pillow can be used for masturbation? Well yes, pillows are one of the best ways to hump. Now you will ask how to hump with a pillow. We will learn about pillow humping in detail here.

There are several techniques for masturbation. But if you will ask for a safe, comfortable, easy, and no-money investing technique then pillow humping is the one. If you are new to the masturbation world then you can choose this safer side.

Here we will discuss the techniques, the safety procedures, and more that are necessary for pillow humping.

Can a pillow help in achieving pleasure?

Those who do not know might think that it is impossible. But it is very pillow can help in arousal of different body sexual stimulation. It is soft hence it is safe for humping for a very long time. And this method is good for both men’s and women’s masturbation.

Humping is a form of sexual pleasure for a very long time. So it’s not something new. Pillow humping exists and people practice this for a very long time. Here we will just learn the techniques and right ways to do pillow humping.

Techniques to hump with a pillow

This method helps in masturbation for both men and women. It’s a zero-investment way to achieve self-pleasure.

Here are the 10 steps you follow to achieve pillow humping:-

  1. All you need is a pillow for this technique.
  2. Make sure that you choose a soft pillow.
  3. The softer the pillow is the smoother will be the humping.
  4. Remember there are no special humping pillows available in the market. So do not be fooled by the fake products.
  5. Lay down on either side.
  6. Place the pillow between your legs.
  7. Make sure that the grip is strong enough so that the pillow does not move.
  8. Now start moving your hips in and out of the pillow.
  9. Remember you are the one who will decide the rhythm.
  10. Some like it harsh and fast, while some like it slow.

How to enhance the pleasure with pillow humping?

Based on your choices, you can set the rhythm. Now to add more pleasure you can use your hands to stimulate other organs of the body. You can stimulate your nipples and other sensitive parts of the body.

Another thing that can promote pleasure is your environment. Set the desirable environment and mood before start doing pillow humping.

Safety measures while pillow humping

There are a few safety measures that you can use. Here we have discussed those safety measures.

  1. Make sure that you use a good size pillow. One that can fit easily between your legs. Too large and small pillows will not create that effect.
  2. Always use a clean pillow. Because the chances of getting genitalia infections are very high in all these cases.
  3. Never try pillow-humping with a hard pillow. You might end up hurting yourself.

When to stop during pillow humping?

There is no fixed time for pillow humping. It is all because everybody is different and responds in a very different way. Your body will start giving signals to stop. There are other factors too that play a role in deciding the humping time. And that is age, stamina, pace, and more.

What cloth materials are good for humping?

Although there is no such choice talking about some comfortable fabrics then you can choose silk and satin. Change your pillow cover every time you hump. And you will see a change in your experience.

What body stimulation is possible with pillow humping?

You can easily stimulate your g spot and clitoris. And if you place two pillows, one between your legs and the other between your hips. Then you can stimulate your whole body. Because humping from two sides creates more pleasure. However, you just need your rhythm a little quick in this.


Now you have learned about the right technique for pillow humping. And why this technique is best among all the masturbation techniques. Remember to follow all the safety precautions while pillow-humping.


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