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How To Delete Wattpad Account? – Easiest Solution

Deleting the app or log out from the website won’t close your account. You need to delete your Wattpad account for this.

Here, in this article, you will get to know the easiest solution to delete your Wattpad account. You can jump through sections by clicking on the table of content.

We have also made a video tutorial for you, and if you don’t like to read, you can scroll to the last and continue with the video tutorial.

Things To Remember Before Deleting Your Wattpad Account

Some of the things you should remember before deleting your account.

1) In order to close your Wattpad account forever, you need a regular computer (or) laptop. Yes, you cannot delete it with your mobile’s browser.

2) After you delete your account, your name will be ready to use, which means that it can be used by anybody now, not your account but your username.

3) After closing your account also, your name will be appear in google search results for a week or two.

4) If you or anybody else sign-in to your account, it will be re-activated again, so to completely de-activating the account, don’t sign in again in a short period.

So, these are some of the things you should remember before closing your account.

To Learn How To Delete On Your Wattpad Account – Step by Step Guide

1) First of all, You can go to on your regular computer web browser.

2) Then, You can Log in with your account.

3) Afterward, You can Select the Profile icon that appears in the upper right corner.

4) In the dropdown list,  You can select the “Settings” option.

Step1- select settings screen

5) In further, you can scroll down and click on the “Close My Account” button here.

Step-2: Close my Wattpad account button screen

6) After clicking it a new interface will appear.

7) And here you can select the reason for deleting the account.

8) Next, you can tick the checkbox named “Yes, I am sure. Please close my account.”

9) Then, you can enter the appropriate password.

10) Afterall process is you have done, click on the “Close Account” button here.

Step 3 to delete your Wattpad account

That’s it. Now, you have successfully deleted your Wattpad account without getting any trouble.

Check If Your Account Is Closed or Not

You can also check that, is your account is closed or not. However, you will get an e-mail about closing your account at your registered email address.

But to check, or double verify, you do this –

1) Open Your Web Browser.

2) Type this –

3) Now, see the bold text. Here you need to write the username of the account you deleted.

4) For example, if my username is @errorexpress, then I will write

5) And the search for the page.

6) If it says, unable to find the page, that means it is successfully deleted.

7) If not… then, not.

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