How To Delete A Wooplus Account For Android/IOS?

How To Delete A Wooplus Account For Android/IOS

As a matter of fact, Wooplus is one of the dating platforms but it is different because it is only for the plus-size people. So you can date in a free environment without getting body shamed and all. Online dating is a trend and this app facilitates online dating a lot. Also, it is very easy to use and you can do many things from your account but how to delete the Wooplus account?

Many people do not know the process to delete an account. There could be many different reasons to delete the Wooplus account. Here are some easy ways to do this.

Common Reasons For Delete Wooplus Account

Here are some common reasons that people find to delete the Wooplus account.

#1. Wooplus take a lot of personal information before creating your account. Some people find it unsafe because their personal information will be visible on their profiles.

#2. If you have found a better community than Wooplus.

#3. Another big reason is personal preference. If you’re not feeling safe and do not like the dating app then you have all right to delete your account.

Remember if you delete your account permanently from Wooplus then you will never be able to recover the data from Wooplus. Just like a social media platform you can also share moments here and search for the events in your area.

Steps To Delete Wooplus Account On Android/IOS Device

Here are the steps for deleting your account from Wooplus. Deleting your Wooplus account is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps to get your work done perfectly.

#1. First of all, open your Wooplus account by filling in the right login information.

#2. Then, click on your profile in the top left corner of the app.

#3. Now find the “setting” option and tap on that.

#4. From here go to the “help and feedback” option and tap on that.

#5. Now scroll down to the bottom till you find the option for “How can I delete my account”.

#6. Now select the delete option and at the end, they will ask you for the reason for deleting the app. If you have any then you can choose otherwise you can just select others and your account will be permanently deleted from the Wooplus.

An Alternate Way To Delete The Wooplus Account

If you are facing difficulty in deleting the account from the above method then you can use an alternate method too.

You can go to the contacts us option and send an email to delete your account to the Wooplus team. Here you have to mention your username and your registered email address.

Make sure that you mention the proper reason for deleting the account. And send this email. The Wooplus team will send an email to confirm the deletion process and then they will delete the account from their end.


In conclusion, the process is the same for both Android and ios. An alternate process for deleting the account is also given here. it is a very easy process and will not take more than a few minutes. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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