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How to connect the switch to TV without dock?

In this article, I’ll share with you how to connect the switch to tv without a dock. Yes, It is possible to play on the big screen without any dock. Of course, there are many reasons that you would like to play your Switch games on your TV. The article will guide you in easy ways to connect your switch with the TV.

Reasons Not To Use Dock

1) Dock is bulky

Bulky Dock Image

If you see the dock is so bulky, And if you play at your friend’s house you have to carry the same from one place to another. It can be annoying at times that you have to carry it with you.

2) Play switch in multiple rooms

Play switch in multiple rooms image

The hookup of the dock is very annoying. If you have to switch in multiple rooms, You have to carry the same from one room to another. And as the size of the dock is bulky, This can be a bit of a headache.

3) Badly Designed

Just example image for Badly Design

The making of the dock is just bad. Dock design doesn’t meet the standard of an actual modern device. Also, You have to be very careful when you are handling the device as it might also scratch your screen of the switch.

Prerequisites to use switch without Dock

1) HDMI Cable

Basic HDMI Cable Image

You can use the same HDMI cable that you got from the switch, Or you can buy a cheap one from Walmart.

2) Type C HDMI Adapter

Image for Type-C HDMI Adapter

You would also be needing a Type C HDMI Adapter. This can run up about $20 for a decent Adapter, And you can also find them in Walmart.

3) Nintendo Switch Power Adaptor

Nintendo Switch Power Adaptor Image

You would also need Nintendo Switch Power Adapter, You can use another company adapter as well.

4) Switch Stand

Switch Stand Image

You can buy a simple Switch stand online, They are cheap and very handy.

To Learn How to connect the switch to tv without a dock?

Step-1: Hook one end of your HDMI cable to your TV, And hook the other end to the adapter.

Hook HDMI Cable Image

Step-2: Then, Plug the power supply in the outlet, And take the cable and put that too in the adapter.

Step-3: At this point, If you want to charge your pro controller from the USB plug you can do that too.

Charge Pro Controller in USB Plug Image

Step-4: Put your Nintendo switch on the Stand and make sure you have space for the charging cable to come out from below.

Nintendo switch on the Stand  Image

Step-5: And then run the cable through the bottom, Into the adapter stand. And plug it into your switch.

RUn the Cable Plug it to your switch image

Step-6: If your TV is off, It will not activate the TV mode automatically. So you can use this step to play your switch in a propped-up mode.

play your switch in a propped-up mode image

Step-7: The benefit of not activating TV with the switch is that you can play games on the stand, While you watch some shows on your TV.

Step-8: Now just enable your TV and you can enjoy games, On the big screen without a dock.

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