How to change my eyes only password for snapchat?

How to change my eyes only password for snapchat

As we know that the amazing thing where today’s generation spends most of their time is Snapchat. By default using via Snapchat, you can able to save your snaps privately in my eye only. But if you are willing to know how to change my eyes only password and you want your snaps more secure then you have to read the full article.

Easiest Steps That You Should Follow How To Change My Eyes Only Password:

1) First of all, Open your Snapchat account on your respective smartphone.

2) Then, log in to your appropriate Snapchat account using your valid credentials/information.

3) You will log in after this, you will see that your Camera is unlocked automatically.

4) After this, you are required to swipe up the memory section.  At the bottom of the camera roll screen, you can able to see the memories in Snapchat.

5)If you like to go through my eye, the only important thing you need to do is that under the memories option you have to simply swipe left to the My Eyes tab.

6) This will help you to see my Eyes Only tab. Here, it will ask for the password so that you will need to enter your valid credentials.

7) Afterwards you can tap the options tab that can be indicated on the bottom right side of your Snapchat page.

8) If you want to change the password you have to reset it by selecting the change password option.

9) After this step, you will reach a new page. For this page, you have to enter your new password here.

10) After this enter a new photo passcode and then create your snap chat password.

11) Now, read all the information provided by the snap chat support team.

12) After this click on continue. It’s done.


At last, I just want to conclude by saying a few words that it is very easy to change my eyes only password but above mentioned certain points you need to remember in mind.

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