How Much Does Wingstop Pay {Information Guide}

How Much Does Wingstop Pay {Information Guide}

Do you want to know how much does wingstop pay? Here is the salary structure of Wingstop for different positions. Your experience and communication skills matter in this job. Here is how you can get the job and what are the needs of different jobs here.

How much does Wingstop pay?

As a matter of fact, Wingstop is famous for its chicken all over the country. If you are a chicken lover then you must have heard about wing shops. The demand for this restaurant has been increasing day by day. This was first started in 1994. And since then it is ruling over the taste of people. More and more branches of wing shops are opening. They have more than 1500 branches in different cities.

With the increase in demand, the demand for wing shop employees has also increased. The first question that arises after this is how much does a wingstop pay. Most of the time it pays on an hourly basis. Here is everything that you need to know about Wingstop.

Common positions at Wingstop

It is easy to get a position at Wingstop if they are hiring. Some of the commonest positions that p[ays well at Wingstop are as follows:

  • Cashier
  • Cook
  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Bartender
  • Waiter and waitress

All these positions are easily available and you can get these if you have the right experience. Along with the customers, Wingstop values its employees as well. If you have worked here once then there are chances that you will not like the workspace of any other restaurant.

Salary at different positions in Wingstop

Here is the salary structure of Wingstop pay at different levels. Make sure that you confirm the salary status before joining any post. Because in most of the posts they do not take interviews. So it becomes important to confirm that beforehand.

General Manager-

If you want to apply for the general manager post then you should have some experience in the same type of job. You have to clear an interview and then you will get the job. You should have a degree according to your post. Communication skills and customer handling should be a must. On average, the general manager receives a salary of $46 per hour.

Assistant Manager-

An assistant manager has the second highest salary at Wingstop. You should know how to deal with customers and how to maintain the load of work. You have to look for all the other employees and do all kinds of paperwork. So make sure that you have some experience before. The average salary of an assistant manager is $26.

Waiter and Waitress –

Most of the employees at this post are students. So they work as a part timer to earn some extra money. So this work mostly goes in shits. On average, you have to do a 4 hours shift. However, you can change your working hours according to your needs. The hourly salary for this post is $17 and It is not important to have previous experience. But you have to find a difference in the salary of the experienced waiters here.


If you are a cook then you having at least two years of experience is mandatory to work in Wingstop. So, you can make sure that you took your experience letter with you. You have to work here according to the Wingstop recipe. So the work is quite easy if you have the recipe. So, want to know how much does wingstop pay for cook? In fact, A cook has an average salary of 423. The working hours might be long compared to other jobs.

Cashier- How Much Does Wingstop Pay

You have to deal with all the payment work here. You have to take orders and payments here. The work is easy. If you will do the work for 2-3 days then you will automatically learn how to do the work. The salary structure of a cashier is $15 per hour. However, this work does not go into the shifts. So you might have to work longer shifts if you are going for this job. No academic qualification is required for this job and no experience is required.

This is the jobs and salary structure at Wingstop. You will get many other benefits with the job here. So if you are looking to work at Wingstop then go for it and I am sure it’s a perfect place for the beginner and wingstop pay good reasonable salary .

Other benefits of working at Wingstop

Here at Wingstop not only is the salary good. But the employees of Wingstop receive other benefits too. If you are an employee at Wingstop then you will have employee insurance. That insurance will cover your health and any injuries. Wingstop gives access to work at flexible hours. You can change your shifts if you have some urgent work. The salary structure is fixed there is no delay in the salary. You will receive your salary on time. Wingstop gives extra paid holidays to their employees in case of any emergency.

You can leave the job mid-month and still you will receive the salary based on how many hours you have worked. You have to be polite with customers and you can also receive behaviour here. So all and all Wingstop is the best place to work. However, Wingstop does not hire regularly. But if you get a chance to work there then make sure that you take full advantage of that opportunity.

Future of Wingstop 

The demand for Wingstop has increased in the past few years. So, with the increase in demand, the number of restaurants at Wingstop has also increased. If you are looking to work in Wingstop then go for it. If you are applying for the higher ranks then make sure that you have the right qualification. The best way to get a job is to read the demands of the job. So make sure that you read the job term and conditions before heading.


In conclusion, here’s how you can get a job at Wingstop. And what is the salary at different levels in Wingstop? Wingstop is a name in the chicken restaurants. So, the salary here is a little higher than in any other restaurant. But they demand quality work at their restaurants. You will receive many other benefits with the salary here. An employee Wingstop gives free trips to their employees if they become the employee of the year and all. I hope you find how much does wingstop pay at different positions from this article.

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