How long does it take for an STD to be treated?

    How long does it take for an STD to be treated

    Sexual health is a prime concern these days. Sexual diseases are transmitted through sexual intercourse. And it does not matter which age you are and what is your gender. You can get sexually transmitted diseases at any phase of your life. Here is the guide for how long it takes for an STD to be treated. The treatment of this disease depends on many factors.

    In STD treatment not only physical health but the mental health of a person is also a concern. Here we will learn how much time is consumed by different types of STDs to cure.

    Common STDs and their treatment timeline

    The earlier one can detect an STD the easier will be the treatment. Delayed treatment only leads to more complications. Here is the list of some common STDs and the treatments given in those cases.

    • Chlamydia

    Chlamydia trachomatis is the bacteria that causes the common sexual disease called chlamydia. It can be transferred from an infected person to a healthy person via sexual contact of vaginal, anal, and oral means. It remains undetected for a longer time and hence leads to complications. A full antibiotic course is given to the infected person with this STD.

    The exact medicine varies from person to person. The severity of the disease is the prime concern. To eliminate the concern of recurring oen should consume the full course of antibiotics without skipping a single day of medications.


    Neisseria gonorrhoeae is responsible for this sexually transmitted disease. This disease also spreads through different types of sexual contact. And the relieving progress might be different in every person. However, it is advised that you should keep in touch with your healthcare provider even if you are feeling better for proper treatment. 

    The antibiotic used in the gonorrhoea treatment varies in form. The form that is used on a person depends on factors like the site of infection, the severity of the infection, and the resistance patterns. 


    Trich is another name for this disease. And trichomoniasis can happen to both men and women. However, women are the common patients of this disease. Also, the main source of transferring the infection in this disease is vaginal sexual intercourse. The symptoms are mild in men.

    Yet they transfer this disease to their partners. Again the treatment of this disease is a course of antibiotics. And this course can last for one week or more. Both partners are treated separately for the early outcomes.

    How to dodge STD

    There are a few things that can help you in dodging sexually transmitted diseases.

      Practice safe sex

    Practicing safe sex is one of the most important things. And if you are sexually active with multiple partners then it becomes more important. Because using a condom can decrease the chances of STDs a lot. So you and your partner should be aware of how to use a condom in the right way. Also if someone indulges in oral sex then the condom will also help in protecting from the STDs. 

      Regular testing and screening

    If your partner has tested positive or if you came in contact with multiple partners then regular testing is important for you. The symptoms of STDs are common and most of the time avoided by everyone. So testing is the only sure way to know if you are infected or not. Hence regular testing should be done. Because every body is different and the rate of spreading the infection in one’s body is also different. 

      Proper vaccinations

    Sexually transmitted diseases like human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B can be treated with the help of vaccinations. Hence it is important to take the vaccine shots. It will not only protect you but no one will get the infection through you. So it helps in saving the community from the spread of infection.


    In conclusion, here is how long does it take for an STD to be treated. Remember that STDs are life-threatening. And you cannot get away with it without proper treatment. If you have any chances to get STDs then you should get yourself checked. The more time infection will remain in your body the more it will get serious.

    A healthcare professional can diagnose the infection, suggest appropriate treatment, and furnish guidance on controlling further transmission. Remember that prevention is the best approach to defend your sexual health. If you think that your child got infected with an STD, don’t wait and discover reputable abortion clinics in Portland today!

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