Bennet Moskowitz Attorney

Bennet Moskowitz Attorney

Bennet Moskowitz is an attorney that is famous for its criminal and fraud cases. He has done immense work in the field of law. And he has known for his skills to make the case in his favor. There were many high fraud cases that he solved. so after those cases, Bennett Moskowitz’s attorney becomes famous. He has a lot of experience in trials and post-judgment cases.

He is an in-demand attorney these days. Because his skills are next level and he has gained a lot of experience in his field. If you took him as your inspiration in the law field then you are at the right palace for the information.

Bennet Moskowitz Education

Bennet has done his bachelor’s degree in 2005 from the new york university. After that, he was admitted to law school and did his law in 2008 at the Columbia university school of Law. He was a studious student. And also he was from the top rank students of the university.

After that, he entered an internship program at the government court. Currently, he is a member of the new york bar association. He is a popular attorney there. And have known for his hard work. Many assistants work under him.

Bennet Working History

In his whole career, Bennet has worked with many different law firms and courts. He gained his experience from a lot of different places. He used to give it a try in almost every type of case.

Here are all the court and law firms that he has worked with.

  1. Supreme Court of united states
  2. District Court of the eastern district of new york
  3. District Court of the northern district of new york
  4. Court of Federal for the federal circuit united states

He has experience with the most reputed courts in the country. Due to his experience with these courts, he has gained more popularity. And currently, he is adding more to his experience. 

Bennet Moskowitz Publication

He has contributed as a co-author and contributor to many books and laws. He has published many law articles in popular magazines. Bennet is sharing his experience with the world through these.

Here are some of his work. if you are an admirer of his work then you can look for these. 

  • He is co-author of the “gender-motivated violence Survival in new york city”. The article was published in Troutman Pepper. This was his recent publication. As this comes out in March 2023.
  • Bennet is a Co-author of “Employee must fill for the sexual assault claim”, law 360. This article comes out in June 2022. Byt this was praised by every other person. Because it secures the rights of female employees. 
  • He is a contributor to accountants’ liability under federal security law

Above all his work has been praised by people. Many people follow him and want to be like him because he knows this field. And the best thing is that he is aware of his surroundings and what he is doing.

Bennets Moskowitz Practice Fields

He has some laws filed in which he is more popular. Because the winning rate of these cases is high. So it shows that he is more enthusiastic about this area. Here are his strong law fields.

  • Business Litigation
  • Financial services
  • Contract dispute
  • Making business contract
  • Contract settlements
  • New business advisor

If you have a problem in any of the above fields then you can contact him. Because he is the best city lawyer in these cases.

Fees Of Bennet Moskowitz Attorney

There is no fixed fee for Bennett.  The fee will depend on your case. If your case is old and complicated then the fee will be high. Because in these cases a lot of court hearings happen. So the fee also depends on the number of courts hearing a more complicated case requires more document work and other stuff. That’s why the fee for such cases are high.

If you’re a potential client then you can also seek a free consultation session from Bennett. He will guide you in your case. So he does this with his clients and many other clients. Because in business the consultation solves many things itself.

Contact Information

Here are the address details of Bennett. You can reach him at this address. And seek a consultation season. A consultation session may last long for an hour. It also depends on your case.

If you’re a small business owner then you will have a small consultation session. Because then the things to discuss are less. The address of Bennett’s workplace is 875 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, P212.704.6000.


In concussion, here is everything that you need to know about Bennet Moskowitz attorney. He is a name in the world of law. He is contributing to the law world from his experience and knowledge. So many people take him as an inspiration. And he has inspired many youths for the law.

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