Alek Hernandez Attorney

Alek Hernandez Attorney

Alex Hernandez is one of the most famous attorneys for criminal defense cases and personal injury cases. If you are looking for an experienced attorney then he should be your choice. Alek Hernandez Attorney is working in the law for more than a decade.  And have more experience than any other attorney.

It is said that the experience of an attorney decides the winning and losing of a case in court. If you are looking for a sure win then you can reach him. He is an inspiration to many new attorneys. His work is a look-through. You can learn a lot from his career and from the cases that he has fought.

Experience Of Attorney Alek Hernandez

Alek is one of those attorneys that has been praised by his colleague. Because he is in the world of law for a very long time. So he has a lot of experience in working with different law forms. As well as government organizations and private practice. He has gained popularity in all of these.

Alek is a popular member of the Texas criminal defense association and Houston bar association. He has also gained the title of top 100 national trial lawyers. From all this is very easy to calculate his popularity in the law world.

A Fee Of Attorney Alek 

No attorney has set a fixed fee for their work. Alek has a fee structure competitive to the area lawyers. Unlike other lawyers, he offers payment plans for clients.  It is very convenient for those clients that can not afford the fee at once. So if you are falling such a problem then you can take his payment plan.

In this plan, the fee will be divided into small EMIs.  And you have to pay this per month. The final fee will depend on the total number of court hearings and the case type. So you can not fix a number for the fee of attorneys.

Contact Address Of Alek Hernandez Attorney

 A lot of people are confused about how to contact attorney Alek. Here is the official address of Alek. You can reach him in the working hours and on working days in weeks. Here you contact him for your case and other stuff. The address is 3009 Post Oak Blvd Ste 2000, Houston, Texas, 77056, United States. 

You can also reach him through the phone number of his headquarter. His headquarter contact number is (713) 877-9600. So it is very easy to reach him. You can reach him via email address as well. There is a website of Alek, if you are looking for his help then you can also contact him via his personal website. The address of the website is

Expertise Areas Of Attorney Alek Hernandez

Here are some of the expertise areas of attorney Alek. He can do any type of case. But these are his favorites and he has the most experience in these cases. 

  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal injury
  • Drug office cases
  • Assault cases
  • Family law
  • Car accident cases
  • Slip and  fall compensation cases

All these are his area of experience. You can reach him in the above-mentioned cases at any time. He also offers a free consultation program for clients. This consultation decides the path of the case. Even if you do not hire him you can still look for a free consultation.

Can Alek Help You If You’re In Jail?

you’re arrested by the police in any case then you have all right to hire a lawyer. If you have a family attorney you can contact him. If not then you can call a family or friend who can contact a different attorney for you. Then after meeting with the lawyer that can take your case. You can hire Alek from the jail as well.


In conclusion, here is everything that you need to know about Alek Hernandez attorney. He is a name in the world of law. Also, you can reach him very easily. There are plenty of sources and contact information available about him.

You can contact him directly through his website. And look for a free consultation session. This is a complete guide for Alex. You can hire him after explaining your case to him.

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