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NBA 2K21: 2 Easy Ways to Get Gym Rat Badge 2k21

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In NBA 2K21, there is a badge, that can give you a permanent boost to your physical attributes, while unlocking the badge you will get + 4 stamina. In this article, we are going to talk about the easy ways to get Gym Rat Badge 2k21.

The Gym Rat is a permanent boost for your character, also by unlocking the badge you can bypass the process of going to the Gatorade Training Facility. Instead, you will get a stat boost, which will be permanent.

By far, in the NBA, you need to win the championship in My Career to get this badge. Which has many requirements, you’ll now ahead in the article.

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My Carrer: Unlock the Gym Rat Badge 2k21

My career is a superbly easy way to unlock the badge. Alongside, playing My Career is also a worthwhile experience of playing NBA 2K21.

The Gym Rat 2k21 will be automatically unlocked if you’ve filled certain criteria.

Like, you need to play 40 regular-season games, with that you need to win the Finals and of course Playoffs, in My career.

If you’re an old fan, you know the simulating the game was once forbidden.

However, Now it’s not, you just need to meet some conditions to simulate the game-

  • Like, if you’re up by 25 points, you can simulate playoff games.
  • In that regard, you can also simulate 40 regular games, if you’re up by 25 points.
  • If you’ve played around 40 regular-season games, without simulating, you can now simulate the remaining.

You need to keep in mind that, if you reach out to finals, you have to win the finals. Because losing finals will lead you to start the process once again!


  • You need to win the finals, to unlock Gym Rat. If you fail in the finals, you need to start the process, once again!
  • If you’ll unlock Gym Rat 2k21, via My career, you should be aware, that the badge will only be unlocked for the player you’ve earned with.
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MyRep Progression: Unlock the Gym Rat 2k21

Now, if you’d like to collect badges from MyRep progression, you need to reach Superstar two.

However, next-gen console players like PS5, Xbox (series X/S) need to grind until superstar 3.

To increase your MyRep progression, you need to keep playing in the city, once you’ve reached out to Superstar 2,3 you can unlock Gym Rat Badge 2k21.

Another benefit, of unlocking with MyRep is, that the badge will be unlocked for all the players. Unlike My Career, where the badge will be unlocked for the only players, who have earned it.

Other than that, you will get some exciting rewards at many tiers before going to superstar status.  

Although My career may sound difficult, that’s the easiest method to get Gym Rat Badge 2k21.

But this thing varies from player to player, if you want to unlock the badge for all players, you can use my rep. But, if you have a single player and you aren’t thinking of making other players, My Career will be easiest.


  • You need to reach ‘Superstar two’ on MyRep Progression, to unlock the Gym Rat Badge via this method.
  • To increase MyRep progression, you need to keep playing in the city.

I hope you find this one helpful, share it with your NBA Squad, and grab the title together!


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