Got Shadow Banned on TikTok? Find Out How To Get Un-shadowbanned on TikTok

This is a Poster saying Find out How to get Unshadowbanned on TikTok

Got Shadowbanned?, looking for How To Get Un-shadowbanned on TikTok?

Shadowbanning is a thing you may experience while being a TikTok Creator. But don’t worry your stardom, won’t extinct.

You will get to know everything about shadowbans. This term doesn’t only exist in TikTok but also in other platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s dive deep into the topic!

What is Shadowbanned?

Firstly, what is shadowban?

The basic meaning of ‘shadowban’ is a temporary ban on your TikTok account, that won’t last long.

Basically, your TikTok account violates community guidelines, made by TikTok. Because of this TikTok has penalized your account.

This shadowban will affect your reach on TikTok. This also means TikTok won’t show your content on its first page, for a short period of time.

However, your videos can be reached your followers, and they can still see them on the first page.

But don’t worry, it’s a very temporary thing.

Once you get un-shadowbanned on TikTok, everything will be normal as before.

Read the article further, to learn and know how to get un-shadowbanned.

How Do You Get Un-shadowbanned on TikTok?

As you know, if an account violates guidelines, it can be shadowbanned.

But TikTok isn’t god, how they know that you violated guidelines.

This platform uses bots to manage the content on TikTok. They’ve been programmed to identify accounts that violate rules and penalized them. But many users report that they haven’t violated guidelines, but still got shadowbanned.

Because the TikTok bots failed to identify the content and shadowbanned them.

This can happen to anyone, it doesn’t matter how big or small your account is.

I suggest you first see that your content violates guidelines or not. Well.

Your account will get shadowbanned if you post this type of content on TikTok –

  • Abusive or Hateful Content.
  • Sexual Content or Nudity.
  • Content that Promotes Suicide or Self Harm.
  • Content that disturbs nation security or threat to any community.
  • Copy-righted Content.

Read Carefully & Understand the TikTok’s Community Guideline.

Like I said if you haven’t posted anything that comes in the above category, and still got shadowbanned. Now, that’s really frustrating.

If you fall in A Category, means you’ve done something against TikTok. Then, just delete it, after some time you will be un-shadowbanned by TikTok.

Tweet saying how tiktok shadowbanned him
This is a Tweet Saying How TikTok Shadowbanned.

But if you fall in the B category, you haven’t been doing anything and still got banned, then mail TikTok about their mistake.

Let’s see how to get un-shadowbanned…

How to Get Un-Shadowbanned on TikTok?

It’s simple to get un-shadowbanned you just need to delete that content, which violates guidelines.

Another thing is to wait for a while, and TikTok will automatically remove the ban on you. But remember, in that time don’t post anything which goes against their guideline.

Also, if you’re a big creator, you try not to post anything too offensive. Because it will make people report your video or account.

To get Un-shadowbanned on TikTok –

#1. Delete the Videos which go against TikTok Community Guidelines.

#2. Try to update the app, maybe it’s a technical glitch.

#3. Try deleting and reinstalling.

#4. If you find your account doesn’t go against community guidelines, mail the TikTok Support team, and ask them to un-ban your account.

Guide on How to get unshadowbanned on TikTok
Just a 2 step process

Other ways to get Un-shadowbanned on TikTok –

#1. First of all, you can go to

#2. Then, Type your TikTok Username on the box.

#3. Then, Tap Unban Now.

#4. They will send you the link, to unban your TikTok Account.

#5. Voila! you can un-shadowban your TikTok account after this.

Note:- This method was tested and tried by a Quora User, but I can’t fully claim it will un-shadowban your account. Just don’t give any password or phone number, add your

You can try the above things, as it’s not much effort.

How To Get Rid of TikTok Shadowbans?

The only way to get rid of TikTok shadowbans is to follow the community guidelines of TikTok.

This will be interesting for you, if you’re now making content that against guidelines, you need to change it and evolve your content in such a way, that TikTok itself will promote your content.

Yes, TikTok also promotes content, which is educational and useful for other people on the platform.

If you make high-quality content, that complies with TikTok guidelines, you will get rid of TikTok Shadowbans permanently.

Cheers! become a genuine influencer and use your platform to the betterment of society.

I hope that you are able to learn something from this website, we provide facts from trusted sources.

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