How to use ‘create online database free tool’?

How to use ‘create online database free tool’

Now it is possible to create an online database for free. One can use create online database free tool to have a web copy of the humongous data generated by the business activities. Additionally, there are certain web-based database tools available that allow you to carry your business information the way you want and without compromising on the data’s security.

How to create online database free

Notably, To create online database free, the users can employ two resources – the page they are working upon and the control panel of the database. As a matter of fact, You must know that the database is not the data only arranged in rows and excels. The database can be the workflows, inventory record, or connection between the people and the data.

Moreover, there are several online database creator software available that make the process as simple as drag and drop. Of course, some of the software’s worth using for the creation of database online for free are:

1) Zoho Creator:

It offers custom database software to choose the best fit for your requirements. Another key point there is a facility to import data from standard formats like .csv, .xls, and others. You can also find support here that can transport the MS Access data for you.

2) Google Forms:

It is an extremely useful tool that can be integrated with Google Drive. The tool can pick the data from Google Slides, Sheets and Docs too and can offer the ease of customization according to the data type.

3) Airtable:

This is considered a hybrid of Trello and Excel. The main job is to create a database of workflows. Assigning the tasks to the team members and following up on work in progress becomes easier. The table format can allow the users to create a record of completed jobs too. There are five table formats – calendar, grid, gallery, form, and Kanban.

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Features of online database creator

The database creation has become an automated job, all thanks to the online tool free! The main features of the free online database creator are:

  1. Drag and drop of tables contents: Yeah, of course, the users can simply drag and drop the content style and use it on the database application format available.
  2. Custom design your own format: The tools provide multiple design formats making it easy for the user to choose the best.
  3. Better control over data: Not only tabulating but establishing a connection between the data and people is also possible with database creation tool.
  4. Ease of handling analytics and statistics: The database software free online does offer support for handling analytics and statistics.
  5. Cloud computing: The cloud-based database can be saved and processed upon in a cloud computed manner allowing the users to access it anywhere, anytime.

So, when you want the business database to stay with you on the mobile phone or any other device of your choice, you can use create database software online. It certainly eases the management of the processes and people.

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