How To Setup Different Rithmic Accounts On Sierra?

How To Setup Different Rithmic Accounts On Sierra

Here is how you can setup different rithmic accounts on sierra. You can use sierra to keep an eye on your progress with the help of different chart formations. These charts will show your weak and strong areas. So that you can focus more on your progress.

How to setup different rithmic accounts on sierra?

Sierra is a very popular trading server that gives you a complete analysis of the current trades with view count and other charts. Sierra gives a no-paper trading experience at a very affordable price. Rithmic accounts are used for tax planning and preparations. These accounts help a user to prepare all the necessary things about their taxes and trade. Hence both sierra’s and rithmic accounts are used for common purposes. Here is the explanation of how to set up different rithmic accounts on sierra.

Uses of sierra

There are many uses of sierra in trading. If you are a beginner in the trading world then you should use this platform to keep an eye on your progress.

#1. Sierra’s chart support system gives a better view of the progress. They have thousands of customizable designs for the charts.

#2. Sierra charts show the data feed of both your progress and your non-progress areas. So you can focus on both fields.

#3. If you are on an advanced level in trading then you can use the automated trading feature of sierra.

#4. You can do both internal and external data trading on this platform. So it is very user-friendly.

These are all the features that make Sierra number one in the trading game.

Account setups on sierra

To log in to the accounts on sierra all you need to have is your username and password. As soon as you login in on the top of the window you will see an option to add an account. By adding the different account information you will be able to log in to sierra. It is a very simple process that you can do within minutes. And it will help you to do your work effectively.


In conclusion, Sierra is a world-class trading platform. That allows you to keep track of your previous progress report. And hence helps you to improve your trading skills. You can not only focus on your weak points but also on your strong points here. Here is the tutorial for how to add different rithmic accounts on sierra. You can use this method to add your accounts here. By adding your account you will be able to connect your tax progression and the trading progression report on the same platform.

Make sure that you do not skip any step. So give it a good read and follow all the instructions about Sierra and the rithmic account setup.

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