How To Redump Files Yuzu {Quick Guide}

How To Redump Files Yuzu {Quick Guide}

Yuzu is a very popular platform for all the gamers. It helps in making the gaming experience out of the world. But some side files operate along with the game. So with time, these files accumulate in your system and hence affect the system speed. So here is the guide on how to redump files yuzu. The process of redumping files is very simple.

All you have to do is follow these steps and you will be all good for this. If you want a gaming experience without any hinder then this one will be for you. You have to dump these files once in a while.

Basics About Redumping

Before going into any process, It is essential to understand the basics of Redumping. Redumpig files on yuzu mean you are removing the unused files, and refreshing and updating the new ones. This will help in making the gaming experience glitch-free. So this whole process ensures that there is no file with errors in yuzu.

So This process will not happen on its own. You have to ensure that you are doing this once in a while. If you are a heavy gamer then you have to do this. Otherwise, the games will start to glitch.

Steps For How To Redump Files Yuzu

Here are the steps that one has to follow to Redump these files. Make sure to do the same steps. Otherwise, you will affect the right file.

  1. The first step will be locating these game files. You have to search these files on your computer. You can check your download folder to check the desired file.
  2. Now, data backup is essential in this case. So go in the yuzu and make a copy of the game file. This copy will ensure that the data in the game will remain secure.
  3. Now do one more thing before starting the Redumping process. You should install the latest version of Yuzu on your PC. This process will not take much time. This will ensure that the new file that you will download will be compatible with the yuzu.
  4. Launch Yuzu and open the game you want to Redump.
  5. Once the game is running, navigate to the File menu and select “Redump.” Yuzu will automatically Redump the necessary files, replacing outdated or corrupted data with fresh, updated versions.
  6. If the game has received updates or additional DLC, ensure that these files are also up to date.
  7. Download and install any available updates or DLC to guarantee compatibility with the latest version of Yuzu.
  8. Now the main reason for the glitches in the game is the caches. So you have to remove the caches before starting the game again.
  9. You can do this by following the method. In Yuzu, go to the Emulation menu, select Configure, and under the Graphics tab, click on Clear Shader Cache.


In conclusion, Here is the step-by-step guide on how to redump files yuzu. The process of Redumping files on Yuzu is simple. Yet for the engineers, it might seem very complicated. So if you are a beginner then this guide will help you.

If you are using yuzu occasionally then you will not face many problems without redumping. But if you are a heavy gamer then you have to do this work once in a while. Doing this once in two weeks is essential. The whole process will not take more than 15 minutes.

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