How to Play 1v1 Matches in CoD Mobile

The Image Says How to 1V1 in CoD Mobile

How to Play 1v1 Matches in CoD Mobile

There are various types of different modes in Call of Duty Mobile. The Battle Royal Mode, Snipers, Team Death Match, etc, but despite those diverse regions and modes of playing, if you have to play with only one rival, you need to set up 1v1 private room matches for it.

Here are the Steps to Play 1v1 in CoD Mobile – 

Step-1 – So, the first step is to launch the call of duty mobile app, and come to your multiplayer lobby.

Step-2 Then tap on the three lines, on the upper right corner of the screen, you can also see on the image. Next, you will see a drop-down list, there select Private.

Step 1

Step-3 After selecting multiplayer, you will be brought to the Private Multiplayer Lobby. Here, you can see on the right-hand corner. Then, you will find out the “Invite” option. From here you can invite your friends or member of your clan, or recently played players. Just invite them, if they accept the request you can see them in the opposing team.

step 2

Step-4 – Now, if you get the opposing player, you can change the settings, such as Map, Kill Limit, Time Limit.

Step 3

Step 5 – Next, tap on Start, to play a 1v1 match in CoD.

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Tips to Win 1v1 Matches in Call of Duty Mobile

1) Internet Connection – CoD is an online multiplayer game, so it helps your game a lot when you have a stable Internet Connection. So, find the WiFi or a place where there is a good network, if you live in a bad network area, you can put out your mobile cover, it will help.

2) Game Settings – The most important part, the more convenient settings, the faster and smooth you play. Make perfect settings, according to you, and master it, and see your win ratio getting higher.

3) Practice Your Settings – It will help you a lot if it’s an important match for you. You can practice, see the fault in your settings and change it. Of course, you can use training mode for this.

4) Chose your weapons – No gun or weapon is superior or inferior, every weapon has its use and its weakness. Just choose them wisely, if you’re playing in a long-range, you need snipers, and if the target is in medium-range, rifles will help. Change your weapon according to your mode of playing.

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