How To Mine In Elite Dangerous?

How To Mine In Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a vast and immersive space simulation game. This game offers players the opportunity to explore the far reaches of the galaxy. Among its numerous activities, mining stands out as a lucrative and thrilling endeavor. The art of mining in Elite Dangerous requires a delicate balance of preparation, strategy, and execution. In this comprehensive guide, about how to mine in elite dangers.

If you will use the right tips then you can do this very easily. Even if you are a beginner you will be able to do this after the end of this article.

Things Require In Your Ship For Mining

There are a few things that you have to collect before doing the actual process. It is not a complicated process if you have the right things. So make sure that you prepare all these things in advance. You can use a ship that is perfect for mining. Because these ships come with the tools that are required in the mining. 

  • Adder
  • Cobra mark 3
  • Class 2 hardpoint
  • Python

All these are available in the store for different prices. You can choose any price that suits you. And if you do not have enough funds then make sure that you collect the fund and only then go for the mining.

Types Of Mining In Elite Dangerous

With the different updates, there are a lot of different types of mining available in the game. You can not do just one type of mining here. However, if you want to try different minings then you will require different tools as well.

Here are some different minings that you can experience in the game.

  • Laser mining
  • Core mining
  • Mining mother loads

Every mining will give you different types of experience. And you can choose your favorite mining by playing the game.

Tips To Do Mining In Elite Dangerous

Here is the guide for you to do the mining in your favorite game. Try to follow most of the advice from here. And then you will see the best result of your mining.

Mining Equipment

The heart of any mining expedition lies in the selection of the proper mining tools. To start, equip your ship with a mining laser to extract raw materials from asteroids. Pair this with a refinery to process the collected ore into valuable commodities. Additionally, a collection limpet controller will automate the retrieval of resources, saving you time and effort.

Finding The Right Spot

The location of your mining operation plays a significant role in your success. Look for resource-rich rings around planets or gas giants, particularly metallic or icy rings, as they contain the most valuable materials. Resource extraction sites (RES) and pristine metallic rings are especially lucrative for miners.

Prospecting And Collection

Prospecting is the process of identifying mineral deposits within an asteroid. Use your ship’s scanner or a detailed surface scanner to identify the most mineral-rich rocks. Once you spot a valuable asteroid, fire a prospecting limpet at it to analyze its content and determine its worth. Deploy collector limpets to gather the extracted materials efficiently.

Managing Cargo And Refining

As your limpets collect resources, they will deposit them in your ship’s cargo hold. So keep an eye on your cargo space to ensure you don’t exceed capacity. Utilize a refinery to process the mined ore into its constituent materials, optimizing your storage and preparing them for sale.

Maximizing Profits

Efficiency is the key to maximizing your mining profits. By focusing on high-value resources and targeting specific mineral-rich asteroids, you can increase your income significantly. Keep an eye on the market and plan your mining trips accordingly to sell your resources at the best prices.

Upgrading and Progression

As you accumulate wealth and experience, consider upgrading your ship and equipment to further optimize your mining capabilities. Higher-rated modules and engineering modifications can boost mining output and increase your survival chances in hazardous environments.

Safety Precautions For Mining

Mining in the vastness of space can be risky, as pirates and other hostile entities may see your valuable cargo as an attractive target. So consider outfitting your ship with defensive modules, such as shields and weapons, to fend off potential threats. Mining in a wing can also add an extra layer of protection, as you can rely on your wingmates for support.

Since When The Mining Present In Elite Dangerous

The mining feature was not present in the original version of Elite Dangerous. In October 2014, an update of the game came. And the mining feature was in it. Since then it is the most loved part of the game.

Seeing the popularity of this feature the game publisher has given another update for mining in 2018. Mining was updated in the beta 3 version of the game. It was the first update of the elite dangerous game.


In conclusion, here is how to mine in elite dangerous. Mining in Elite Dangerous offers a rewarding and immersive gameplay experience for those willing to master the art. With the right ship, equipment, and strategy, you can venture into the depths of space, extract valuable resources, and amass a fortune.

Remember to prioritize safety, continuously refine your techniques, and adapt to changing market conditions to become a true master of mining in the galaxy.

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