How To Delete an IMVU Account in 6 Steps

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In this article, I’ll share with you how to delete an IMVU account. IMVU is a very popular social media website that gives you access to chat with everyone around the world with 3D characters. It is the number one website in terms of those that are characterized as avatar-based social media platforms. It is an amazing website that will let you chat with your friends, shop, and party virtually. Of course, You can even earn some real cash by creating virtual products.

The Platform is very large and has almost 7 million active users that interact and chat regularly. But if you just added the following social media, you might just not like it by looking at others. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. IMVU doesn’t charge anything for being an active user, and You can be active or inactive on the website for as long as you want. 

But if you are determined to remove your presence on the Platform due to reasons like Privacy, Too much notification, you can decide to delete your IMVU account. This way, all your databases from the website remove without getting any trouble. And you would no longer have to worry about your data or privacy. Finally, if you want to remove your IMVU profile, you can follow the below steps to help your needs.

How To Delete IMVU Account – Six Easy Steps 

Step-1: First of all, you can visit the IMVU website by clicking on this link.

IMVU Website Sample Screen

Step-2: Once you visit the website, Now you have to log in with your credentials.

IMVU Login Page Screen

Step-3: After you have successfully logged into your account, Now you can proceed with the account deletion.

NOTE: IMVU doesn’t have any option to delete your account through the navigation of different internal links. For this reason, you have to visit a specific delete page, which will make it possible to delete your account.

Step-4: Click on this link to be redirected to the Delete Account page.

Step-5: Once you are here, Now you need to Enter Your IMVU password in the input bar and click on continue.

IMVU Delete Account Page, Asking Delete account password confirmation screen

Step-6: After clicking on the Continue button, Your account deletion process will start, and you will receive a confirmation message at the end of your process.

How to deactivate the IMVU account?

Please note that IMVU doesn’t allow the user to deactivate your account. There is also no option to pause your account activity or hide your profile temporarily. If you do not wish to delete your account but just want some privacy. You can remove your personal details from the profile. This way, your account still stays intact. This trick helps to protect your IMVU account privacy instead of deactivation.

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