How To Confuse a Gay Person {2 Easy Trick}

Feature Image - How To Confuse a Gay Person {2 Easy Trick}

Confusing other people is an art. You can confuse almost everyone in the world if you have the right direction. Here is how to confuse a gay person!


People love confusing other people to have fun. How often do you find people trolling girls who are not so cunning? Well, a girl’s life depends upon how she confuses guys around her.

All the kidding aside, we see a number of magicians using illusions to confuse us. A number of TV shows, movies, assumptions, and unfortunately math toy with us every day.

Undoubtedly, confusion is an art, but one way or the other, everyone can use it. Brands use it all the time to confuse their customers and hike up their sales. You can easily toy with another person’s psyche if you know their interests. It is often easy, but not always appropriate.

To Learn How To Confuse a Gay Person?

Of course, When it comes to sexual attraction, gay or lesbian people are attracted to people of the same gender. Even if they have their ideas or mindset intact. Thus until you know who they like, you can always confuse them.

You can use the following tricks to confuse a gay person –

Trick-1 {How To Fool a Gay Person}

If you have a gay friend, try to identify who they like. Once you are aware of the person they like, simply start roasting your friend.

Take your gay friend to a place where the person they like goes with someone. Tell your gay friend that the person they like had a girlfriend or boyfriend. But after they broke up, the person has realized that he or she is gay as well.

Usually, gay people know about their feelings all along. This will easily confuse your gay friend about what to do now.

Tell your gay friend that the person they like is totally checking him or her out. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but is still reliable. Go to the person your gay friend likes, and bet the person to sit with your gay friend for 5 minutes.

A 5 or 10-bucks bet should be fine. Once the person does that, your gay friend will be confused for days. Trust me, this is a tried and tested trick, and it is superb fun once your gay friend starts going crazy.

Trick-2 {Confusing Gay People}

Give your gay friends the phone number of 2 boys and 2 girls. Tell him or her that these people are mad about the gay person. Tell him or her a few traits about each of the people. It is fine if the traits are not concise.

Wait until your gay friend makes a move to any one of the 4 people. Once he or she does, tell the other 3 people to keep texting and calling him. This will confuse the heck out of your gay friend.

This gets fun if you plan it through. My gay friend ended up dating a girl and a boy simultaneously. And we snuck into the room once he was making out with the girl.

The situation got really confusing for the gay friend and we had to end up concluding the prank. So do remember to plan this through, or else you might be the one getting confused.

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