How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter {Help Guide}

How To Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter {Help Guide}

Here is how you can clean the Dyson Airwrap filter at home. This process is very easy and does not require any special instrument. This is the complete step-by-step guide to cleaning the filter.

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To Learn How To Clean The Dyson Airwrap Filter

As a matter of fact, Dyson Airwrap is a hair styling tool. You can use this to style your hair in many forms. However, if you’re facing the overheating issue from your Dyson Airwrap then you need to clean the Dyson Airwrap filter. Because this overheating can damage both your hair and your device. So occasional cleaning is necessary.

Of course, Here is the guide for how to clean the Dyson Airwrap filter. The process to clean the air filter does not require any special instrument or stuff. You can clean the filter with simple household things.

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Steps To Clean Your Dyson Airwrap

Here is the step that you will follow to clean the Airwrap filter. Make sure that you follow all the steps correctly without skipping any step.

Unplug The Airwrap

The first and most important step is to unplug the device that you want to clean. Do not just turn the switch off and you have to remove the plug from the socket. This will ensure your safety.

Remove The Filter

The filter of the Dyson Airwrap is located on the backside. You do not need anything to remove this filter. Just press the filter from both ends and it will come out easily.

Unclogged The Airwrap Filter

Use an old brush and a cloth to remove the dust and unclogged the Dyson Airwrap filter. make sure that you use a dry cloth for this purpose. Take a bowl full of cold water and dip the filter in that. The remaining dust will remove when you will clean the filter with water.

Drying Of Airwrap Filter

Before using the filter again you have to make sure that the filter is dry completely. Do not leave the filter in direct sunlight outside. Use a dry cloth to clean the filter. And leave the filter in a shaded area for some time.

Reassembling Of Dyson Airwrap Filter

After drying completely place the filter on its position again. Just set the filter in the previous preposition and push a little harder. The reassembling is as simple as disassembling.


In conclusion, here is how you can clean the Dyson Airwrap filter at home. The process is very easy and it will not take more than 5 to 10 minutes. To ensure the longevity of your airwrap you should regularly clean your filter. This is a complete guide for Airwrap cleaning. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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