How to remove from docker ps -all?

How to remove from docker ps -all

Containers are best for the testing and also the development of any program. However, If you have a lot of containers they will fill up the space of the disk. So here is the guide on how to remove from docker ps -all. If you all want to free up your space then you’re in the right place.

We will go deep into the process and give a step-by-step guide for you.

Basics about the docker ps -all

The docker ps -all is a command that is used to get the list of docker containers. It shows the ongoing containers as well as those containers that are not working now. And are just accumulating in your system.

The steps to remove from docker ps- all

Breaking it down, ‘docker ps -a’ lists all containers, both running and stopped. The ‘-q’ flag extracts only the container IDs. Combining it with ‘docker rm’ removes the containers, freeing up disk space and decluttering your Docker environment.

Use the below command to remove:-

docker rm <container_id_or_name>

From the above syntax, replace <container_id_or_name> it with your corresponding ID or the appropriate name of the container that you want to remove here.

For example, Just assume your container ID is abcdef449933, the command will be look like this:-

docker rm abcdef449933

This command proves especially valuable when dealing with numerous containers in the development or testing phases. Automating container cleanup enhances system performance and facilitates a more organized and streamlined Docker experience. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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