Why is rhythm heaven fever so expensive?

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As esports gain importance throughout the world, a number of games have come out. They have a price tag as well. We will talk about Rhythm Heaven Fever today!

About esports and online games-

Since 2018, we have seen a rise in eSports and online gaming worldwide. A number of gaming devices and apps are now available. Also, these devices and apps range from a reasonable to a premium price.

Gaming consoles, PlayStation, Xbox, and even computer gaming are now available. While mobile gaming is also getting a hot audience these days.

The way of paying is still different, varying from platform to platform. Gaming consoles, PlayStation and Xbox earn with games and not devices. While computer games are available in app stores for free or at a reasonable price. The same goes for phones.

Also, a number of games provide premium licenses or elite passes to earn. These passes help the gamers to equip a number of in-game items. In-game purchases are getting hotter for both Android and IOS users.

What is Rhythm Heaven Fever and how is it played?

Rhythm Heaven Fever is a music video game brought by Japanese tech. Nintendo and TNX have brought this game for their WII edition. It is a multiplayer video game which is composed by Tsunko. It is the third game for the Rhythm series which is available on Nintendo.

The game was launched in Japan in 2011 and in the United States the very next year. Though the digital re-release was done in 2016 for the Nintendo users.

The players need to complete a number of levels. Every level has a set of rules which the player has to follow in order to complete it. The player has to stick with a certain rhythm throughout the level.

When someone clears a level with an Excellent rating, he or she gets a number of rewards. These are in-game rewards like extra content, Rhythm Toys, etc. Every gamer gets a little greedy for free and extra content. Thus everyone tries to get an excellent rating.

Players need at least an ‘OK’ rating to clear the level.

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Why is Rhythm Heaven Fever So expensive?

Due to the gaining popularity of the game, the prices are also high nowadays. In the United States, the price of rhythm Heaven Fever is around $53.98. Of Course, this is for the English version of the game, which comes out with free shipping. The free shipping is also available in just a few states and not all.

While the Japanese version of the game is available at $31.98. This is indeed a lot of difference between the two.

A few reasons behind Rhythm Heaven Fever being expensive could be-

  1. The game has been in a lot of demand since 2016.
  2. The streamers on YouTube and Facebook choose the game for entertaining their viewers.
  3. Nintendo is gaining more popularity in the United States than ever.
  4. It is still cheaper than a lot of PlayStation and Xbox games comparatively.
  5. Gamers desperately want to experience this game.
  6. Due to the unique style and idea of the game, it is not anything like any other Rhythm game.
  7. It is a successor of the popular Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  8. Due to the price being driven by the scarcity of the game in the market.

I think that these reasons could very well answer why Rhythm Heaven Fever is so expensive. Well, you can always opt for the Japanese variant, but a language barrier will still exist.

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