Why Is National Tax Advisory Services Calling Me – 4 Causes

Why Is National Tax Advisory Services Calling Me - 4 Causes

Tax is something that most people are nervous about, and when someone calls them regarding tax, people get more nervous. Nowadays, most people are talking about unsolicited calls from National Tax Advisory Services LLC. Now, after reading this name, many people believe that they are getting calls from the government side, and due to this, they are getting furious. So, if you are also getting such calls and wondering why is National Tax Advisory Services calling me, you are in the right place.

Here, we will learn in detail about National Tax Advisory Services and the truth about their calls. So, let’s start.

What is National Tax Advisory Services LLC?

The first and most important thing you should know about National Tax Advisory Services LLC is that it is neither a part of the government nor backed or promoted by the government. So firstly, leave all the nervousness about this organization. It is a private, small-scale company offering tax advisory services to the citizens. Their main work is to educate people about everything related to tax, including new schemes.

Tax is a very technical term involving a lot of calculations and rules; thus, not every person can understand it. And, in the case of businesses, they are required to hire a tax advisory firm. So National Tax Advisory Services LLX is a tax advisory firm that advises customers on the best tax-related practices. Now, let’s find out the answer to why is National Tax Advisory Services calling me.

Why is National Tax Advisory Services Calling Me: 4 Reasons

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or even a businessman, if you are receiving random calls from National Tax Advisory Services, there may be several reasons behind this. As per our research and customer reviews, there are four possible reasons for their random calls. Below are four reasons.

#1. Tax Awareness

The first objective of National Tax Advisory Services is to educate people about Tax. In simple words, they enquire about salary and income sources from the person, and based on his response, they tell whether he/she falls under the Tax slab or not.

If he/she falls under a Tax slab, they will tell him what amount he/she has to pay as a tax. If the person is unaware of the tax slab and other rules, the company will educate him about everything related to Taxes.

#2. Advisory and Reminders

The company’s main objective is to make people aware of taxes. As mentioned, Tax is a technical and little complex term. So, a correspondent from the company may call you to advise on some best practices. This will save you from paying extra taxes, ultimately saving your money. The correspondent will ask you about bank statements, expenditures, cash information, and other important information in order to provide you with the best tax advice.

Lastly, the company may call you multiple times if you have forgotten to pay tax. Before the due date, they will call you multiple times so you won’t have to pay any fines.

#3. Frequent Audit

The company might call you for a general tax audit if you are a heavy taxpayer and involved in multiple frequent transactions. They will ensure you pay the right tax at the right time by auditing. They will also tell you loopholes that can cause you trouble in the future.

Auditing also lets you know new tax rules and check whether you are complying with those rules or not. Frequent auditing is very important for every business, whether small business or big.

#4. New Tax Schemes

So here comes the central objective. Today, almost everyone is investing somewhere, which is not easy because it involves taxes. Also, tax rules are highly volatile and different for different sectors. Simply put taxes and their rules depend on multiple factors.

So National Tax Advisory Services LLC offers new schemes where you will have to pay less tax by investing more. It means they save your money by cutting down the tax amount in a legal way.

Is National Tax Advisory Services LLC Legit?

So these are the main and most common reasons behind calls from National Tax Advisory Services LLC. Now, after reading the objective behind these calls, everyone thinks that the company is doing a mind-blowing job and what is wrong with it. But here comes the twist.

Many people have reported negative feedback after a conversation with the company’s correspondent. They have also informed people about some red flags so that they will not get stuck in any financial trap.

Now the question remains the same: Is this company legit or just a scam? Well, directly giving a judgment is not right. So, let’s see some reasons why people are not so excited about National Tax Advisory Services LLC.

Enquiring Personal Information

Whether government or private, any legitimate organisation worldwide will never ask for confidential information, including financial and personal information. Now, National Tax Advisory Services are asking for a lot of information like financial statements, expenditures, bank information, income sources, etc. Due to this, many people have urged other people not to share such information.

Pre-recorded call

Many users have reported that there is no actual correspondent from the company side. Only a pre-recorded message is played, lacking two-way communication and interactions. Some people have mentioned that AI is used to communicate with people. Now, for a legitimate agency, the customer is their top priority, and they have highly qualified, polite, and friendly correspondents.

Promotion at an extreme level

The company is promoting its services at the extreme level by offering limited-time offers. Sometimes, companies talk about the consequences of not buying their services, creating a panic situation for the person. In simple words, instead of educating the person about their service and its advantages, they are forcing him to buy their services quickly.

No fixed contact numbers and social accounts

A company focuses a lot on its communication channels; For this, they have fixed phone numbers, mail, and social accounts. National Tax Advisory Services LLC called people from different phone numbers, people didn’t receive any helpful replies from the mail, and most surprisingly, they didn’t have any verified social accounts.


As many people are receiving calls from National Tax Advisory Services LLC, it is creating news among netizens. However, you don’t have to worry about Why Is National Tax Advisory Services Calling Me because all your doubts will be cleared after reading this article. We have thoroughly discussed the company, possible reasons why it is calling everyone, and whether it is legit or not.

The conclusion is to try to learn more about taxes by yourself from government officials or government-backed sources. Also, try to hire a firm with positive reviews, great online & offline presence, and, most importantly, years of experience. The only thing to remember is never to share your confidential information with anyone.

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