Why Is My Auto Insurance So High {6 Reasons}

Why Is My Auto Insurance So High {6 Reasons)

Is there a reason why my auto insurance is so high? Several factors decide the insurance premium price. If you lie under these factors then your insurance policy has a high premium. Here is the list of such factors and how you can avoid these. Makes sure you give it a good read.

Reasons for high auto insurance

Several factors decide the car insurance rate. Car insurance quotes are not exact for every person. Some people receive high premiums while some receive the lowest ones. It also depends on what type of insurance you are selecting. Some people do not understand why is my auto insurance so high. Here is the article to explain this. You will get to know more about auto insurance topic. And after reading this you will be able to find out why your auto insurance rates are so high compared to everyone.

This is a very fair question to ask and it is right for everyone to know the answer to this. Let’s look at some of the factors that make the premiums of auto insurance higher.

#1. Drivers age

Driver Age

If you are under 25 then every car insurance company has a higher insurance premium policy for you. Of course, there is a very clear reason for this. There is less experience available to you when you are younger. So, the chances of accidents increases. Hence the price of auto insurance increases automatically. Without car insurance, it is illegal to drive vehicles on the road. If you get caught then you have to pay a fine and in the worst case, they can throw you in jail.

However, there are several ways with which you can avoid the high insurance policy premiums. First of all, you can take it out of the appropriate insurance policy in the name of your father. You can legally drive a vehicle that has an insurance policy in the name of your father. Second, you can use your student card. Wherever you will use the student card you will get a discount. Hence you will get some relaxation in your insurance premium. Do not ever try to fake your age while purchasing the insurance premium. Because you might get caught in big trouble. So try to keep it calm.

#2. Your residence

If you want to save money on auto insurance then you have to look where you are staying. Every state has a different policy for auto insurance. And the prices are different too. You can check the policy price online with the help of zip codes. Some of the state’s liability coverage insurance costs thousands of dollars. These states have a high risk of accidents and have more insurance prices. Full coverage insurance becomes necessary in such states.

Moving to a new city just because of the low insurance price is rubbish. But if you are already moving out then make sure that you check the different insurance company quotes before finalizing one insurance policy.

#3. Your credit history – That’s why auto Insurance is so high

Credit history is the main reason for why auto insurance is so high

As a matter of fact, when comes to insurance premiums, credit score plays a very important role so far. If you have a low credit score then you are on the high-risk list of the insurance company. And they will only offer you high-risk and high-value insurance premiums. So, you have to take those. Your driving score does not matter here. If you are a good driver with a bad credit score then you have to pay a higher premium.

But you can improve this situation. Whenever you manage to improve your credit score, your insurance agent will be able to provide you with a policy that has a lower premium for you. They can modify you in the lower premium ones. So do not lose hope in this case.  All you need to do is to make sure that you check your credit score on regular basis. Because you can increase your credit score very easily. So it completely depends on you.

#4. Your car model {Reason for why auto insurance is high}

Latest sample car

If your insurance costs more than the normal range then a big reason behind this can be your car. There are certain types of cars that have a higher insurance value. Because the risk factor involved in these cars is very high. For example, if you have an expensive and high-speed car then the chances of damage and road accident increase. Which automatically increases the insurance value. If you have a new car then also the insurance value will be high. Some of the small cars at high speed have a high risk too. It is important to make sure that when you are considering purchasing an insurance policy for your car, you make sure to check the model first.

The only way you can save money here is by switching vehicles and this way you can save thousands of dollars. You can check the insurance company policy value for a certain car model. Also, you can compare the policies of different companies. Then you can also save some hundred dollars.

#5. Previous policy history  

Previous auto insurance history plays a great role here. If you have any unpaid premiums for any previous auto insurance then your current insurance company will increase the price of your insurance. If you file a claim on the previous policy and the claim comes out to be fraud then there is a high chance that you have to pay the higher insurance premiums in your next policy.

So try to keep your history clean. And if you have any such history try not to provide the documents of the previous insurance policy. So along with the credit reports keep the insurance policy history record clear too. If you have any bad history then try to find a new insurance broker (agent) for the new policy. That way you will save some money on your insurance policy. All the auto insurance is quite affordable. Only the insurance policy of these special cases has such high value. Do not try to avoid the auto insurance policy.

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#6. Big payout claims

If you have had any big payout from your insurance policy in the previous time your current insurance company will increase the price. Sometimes the insurance company encourages you to get insurance with higher premiums and with more benefits. but the best solution for this is to only file a claim for the needed part. Do not overclaim things. Otherwise, your insurance company will automatically shift you to the higher-paying premium list. Try to keep the car damage minimal. If you meet an accident and have a very minor loss then do not claim for the full damage or something. Because the result of this mistake will remain for the big terms. As a matter of fact, insurance companies really do not want their corresponding customers to ask for a higher payout.

So, they always avoid the insurance claimer that has a high payout history by giving the higher premium insurance policy. So that they automatically back off. However, the higher premium insurance policy has some good and additional benefits too.

Other ways to save money on the insurance policies

Ways to save money on the insurance policies

There are some other ways to save money on auto insurance policies. If you follow this you can save some additional dollars on your policy. You can find out some of the ways here;

1) First of all, You must know the actual insurance price for all insurance companies. Some insurance companies decrease their insurance policy price because of the competition. So, You can also ask your insurance agent about this. They can easily help you out with this. And you can also do some research on the internet. However, the internet does not tell about the hidden charges so it is better to talk with an insurance agent.

2) Look for the discount period. If your policy renewal period is around Christmas then wait for some time. Because on such special occasions insurance companies provide huge discounts. And hence you can save some money on your regular insurance policy.

3) Do not switch insurance companies too often, if you will stick with the insurance company and become their Loyal customer. There are high chances of getting the additional discount. These discount schemes help the insurance company to retain their old customers. So do not switch companies very often and try to stick with one good company.

4) Make sure that your insurance agent is loyal to you. And has some experience in the insurance field. Only then will he become helpful to you and suggest the best offer according to your budget.


In conclusion, several ways affect the insurance policy price. Here are all the terms that can increase your policy price. You can negotiate some of them but some will affect you forever. So try not to make any mistakes with your current policy. Read all these very carefully and only then decide.

All the needed information and the solution for the problems are mentioned above. If you have a bad history in the insurance policy then this will affect your all future policies. the insurance company will automatically upgrade you to the higher premium list and then there will be no way to skip that. Hope you will find this helpful.

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