Why is anucort-hc not covered by insurance?

Why is anucort-hc not covered by insurance

Anucort-hc medicine is most successful in treating humour. In the past few years, the demand for this medicine has increased. Anucort-hc is not covered by insurance, why? The insurance company does not cover this medicine because it is not registered as per the direction of the government.

Why is Anucort-hc not covered by insurance?

Anucort-hc is a medicine used to treat hemorrhoids. Once a person starts taking this medicine then there is no coming back. A patient has to take this medicine throughout their life. In terms of its cash price, this medicine is quite expensive. So, There are many people who cannot afford to pay for these medicines. That’s why people look for their health insurance to pay for the drugs. But according to the new laws of the government, the insurance does not intend to cover the medical costs. Here is the answer to why Anucort-hc is not covered by insurance.

Uses of Anucort-hc medicine

This medicine has very good results in many diseases. The diseases are as follows:

  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Itching, swelling
  • Relieve rectal pain
  • Rectum inflammation
  • Rectum swelling
  • Rectum bleeding
  • Diarrhea

Remember do not take this medicine by prescriptions at the pharmacy. You have to take this by the doctor’s prescription. Because there could be side effects of this medicine on your body. Hence your doctor will prepare for all the side effects. Make sure that you have prescription drug information. And you should also be aware of the possible side effects on the body.

Common side effects of Anucort-hc

Some drug interactions do not suit the patient body. Hence the side effects arise. This drug is very dependent. You will become active in this drug. Because it provides instant relief to the body. Some of the common side effects symptoms are as follows:

  • Dryness
  • Skin damage around the rectum
  • Rectal itching
  • Burning sensation in the rectum

All these side effects go away as soon as you stop taking the drug. But until your treatment will go with this drug the side effects will keep showing. However, if you are facing more problems then you can lower the dose of this medicine.

Why does insurance not cover for anucort-hc?

Your health insurance does cover the medications. But anucoort-hc is not on that list.  Insurance companies cover only these medicines that are cheap. And that is not used for long periods. Anucort-hc is an expensive medicine and it is consumed regularly. This medicine comes under the list of non-registered medicines. Hence the insurance companies deny the insurance claim for the cover of this medicine. Also if you’re claiming for the medicine expense you have to submit all the documents that confirm your medical health. And all the doctor’s notes will be cross-checked by the insurance adjuster.

How to get Anucort-hc medicine at a low price?

When you purchase medicine from the store they give a prescription discount. Many discount plans go on in the pharmacy regularly. So that the patients can afford expensive medicines. But the pharmacist will ask if you want hc coupon or not. And if you deny it then you have to pay the full price. Do not skip these, take as many coupons as possible, and on your next purchase, you will get almost 30% off on your medicines. Some people think that all these discount cards things are useless. But they are beneficial for the customers.


In conclusion, Anucort-hc medicine is very useful in hemorrhoid diseases. Over the past few years, the dependency on this drug has increased. Hence more doctors prescribe this medicine. This medicine does not register under the rule of the government. So insurance companies deny the claims for this medicine’s cost coverage. If the medicine is under the registered list and is not for regular use then the insurance company covers the medicine cost.

This was everything about the anucort-hc medicine prescription and its insurance coverage plan. Make sure you give the above-mentioned things a good read. Hope you will find this helpful.

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