Why Do You Get Sleepy Around Someone You Love?

Why Do You Get Sleepy Around Someone You Love

It is common to feel sleepy around someone you love. It’s because your body feels relaxed and secret certain type of hormone that induces sleep so read below to know more about this.

Why do you feel sleepy around someone you love?

Why do you feel sleepy around someone you love

There could be many reasons for you to feel sleepy around your partner. If your work needs a long-term physical presence in your work. Then it is natural to feel exhausted and sleepy around everyone. However, if you are feeling sleepy, particularly around someone that you then there is a scientific reason for this. However, feeling sleepy is a common characteristic of exhaustion or boredom. Let’s try to find out more about why do you get sleepy around someone you love.

The true scientific reason behind getting sleepy around your love

The true scientific reason behind getting sleepy around your love

There is a scientific analysis and reason behind everything. If you are yawning then there is a biological phenomenon that works behind that. So, your feelings are chemicals bound to your brain. So, when you love someone your body releases mycotoxin which in turn stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin. These two hormones make you feel sleepy. That’s why you have a night of sleep faster with your girlfriend or boyfriend partner than any other person.

#1. You are just tired

Your sleep-wake cycle impacts your energy a lot. If you are not getting enough sleep and your whole sleep cycle is distorted then there is a high chance of feeling sleepy around someone. It is easy to relax if you spend time with your partner because you feel a sense of calm and tranquillity. Hence the body gets a false signal for sleep. Because you aware already deprived of sleep. Hence your body does not skip any chance to cover that up. If you are sleep-deprived then your body will show more symptoms like backache, headache, yawning constantly, and watery eyes. So look for the exact sign of the problems.

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#2. You feel bored around them

You feel boredom around them

Some people hate to admit this. But it is a harsh reality. It is not true that the person you fell in love with is very cheering and fun. Sometimes the person makes you feel bored. And hence you start yawing which in turn gives a feeling of sleepiness. You need to understand that even if you are feeling bored around your partner then you do not love him. It is just a matter of personality and priorities. Some people give fun as their priority and others just go with the flow.

#3. The chemical bonding

If you truly love your partner and he makes you feel good and gives you goosebumps from his actions then you are chemically bonded with him. The more other person makes you happy the more you will end up with him. When we bond with someone our body starts to secret more hormones than regular. All these are happy hormones and some of them are cuddling hormones too. So you naturally feel sleepy around him. As soon as he will go away you will start to feel normal because of the sudden decrease in the release of hormones from the body.

#4. Stress

Lot of stress

If you are stressed out around him or in general then your body needs more rest. Hence you feel sleepy. Stress harm your body in many ways. You might not see the damage from open eyes. But there is a lot of mental damage. So if you are stressing out due to your partner’s actions then it’s time to move out. Once and twice is maybe because of a mistake. But if his thing is happening constantly then it is a clear-cut sign to go on to the other way.

Stress makes your body release more sleep-inducing hormones. It is because to groove your brain a rest. If you are an overthinker then you tend to sleep more than a normal person. Because it takes time to relax your mood more than a normal human body.


In conclusion, there could be different reasons to feel sleepy around your partner. The important and most common ones are mentioned above. If you’re too comfortable around him then you will feel more sleepy. Because at that tie your body and mind will fully relax. So feeling sleepy around your partner is not always a bad sign. It can be a sign of deep love and care. However, if t is happening for another reason then there will be other signs too. So look closely for the exact reasons.

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