Why Can’t I See Subtitles On 9anime – 4 Causes & Solutions

Why Can’t I See Subtitles On 9anime – 4 Causes & Solutions

9anime is one of the popular platforms to watch anime. This platform provides all types of animes and as we all know most of the animes were created in Japan. And not all animes are available in dubbed form. So the need for subtitles in these anime is a must. But there is one common problem encountered by the anime lover on 9anime. And the question arises Why Can’t I See Subtitles On 9anime. There could be several reasons for this problem. You can work on the solution of any problem only when you have full knowledge about the problem.

So here we are to help you in encountering the underlying problem.

What is the prime reason why can’t I see subtitles on 9anime – 4 Reasons

There are several reasons for this problem. And the prime reasons are listed here. Try to correlate these reasons with your 9anime account.

#1. Missing Embedded Subtitles

Maybe the anime provider does not have embedded subtitles in the video. So that’s why you can’t see the subtitles here.

Solution – In this case, you can not do anything. so there is no solution here. By default, subtitles are not there. As a result, We can’t able to do anything in this case.

#2. Browser Compatibility Issues

There are compatibility issues with the browser. So here there is something conflict between your 9anime videos. In these cases, the subtitles are not visible from your browser. This doesn’t mean a subtitle is not provided. You can able to fix it when your browser causes issues regarding this.

Solution – You can try changing the browser to use 9anime. Switching browsers will solve this problem.

#3. Accumulated Cache & Cookies

If there are accumulated cache and cookies on your device then they can hinder the subtitles.

Solution – Go to the browser or system settings and regularly clear all cache and cookies of your system. This will ensure the loading of uninterrupted subtitle files.

#4. Incompatabile Browser Extension

If you have any browser extensions then they might hinder the loading of subtitles files.

Solution – Remove all kinds of browser extensions first. Still, if the issue persists, avoid using any ad blockers for the browser. This will help the 9anime website to load the subtitles files.

Other Reasons that can hinder the subtitles files on 9anime

Some other issues can create this problem. Although these issues are not permanent and can be solved immediately.

#5. Unstable Internet Connection

Network connectivity can impact subtitle loading. A slow or unstable internet connection may lead to delayed subtitle display or failure to load altogether. Check your internet connection and consider refreshing the page or restarting your router to ensure a stable connection.


Here is the answer to the “Why can’t I see subtitles on 9anime” question. There can be multiple reasons for this. 9anime is a very popular platform to watch anime. It is hard to understand the anime without any subtitles. 9anime provides subtitles for almost every anime show.

However, due to the above-mentioned problems, you might face problems in loading the anime subtitles files. And follow the appropriate solutions that help to fix this issue for your end without any trouble.

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