Why Can’t I See Notes On Instagram Even After Updating

Why Can't I See Notes On Instagram Even After Updating

As a matter of fact, Instagram notes are very trending features. It is trending because it is very easy to use. And you can express your feelings in short here. Without posting it on Instagram stories and all. However many users are facing problems in using this feature. Even after updating the app, the problem persists. So here is the guide for why can’t i see notes on Instagram even after updating.

The reasons could be many but knowing the reasons is important. It is because you can fix these issues by knowing the reasons.

Why Notes Are Not Working On Devices?

In some users, the notes features are working but they have only a few features. They can either share a thought or they can either put a song. Some do not even get this feature. This is because the notes features of Instagram are in its trial periods. So they are taking time to update this feature in every account.

However, the response of notes is great. So they might give the updates of notes in every area soon. But if your notes feature was working before and now it is not working then the reason can be different.

A common reason why can’t I see notes on Instagram even after updating

Here is a list of some common reasons that can hinder the notes feature work in your account. If you are having these then you can correct the mistakes as well. Make sure that try all these to get the best possible results. 

#1. Account Restrictions

Check for any type of restriction on your account. If your account has restrictions then you might not be able to access this feature. The restriction of Instagram accounts is for a variable time. So check for that time. And try again after that time is over.

#2. Server Error

In case of a server error, Some of the features of Instagram stop working. So all you have to do is wait for some time. Because the time limit for server errors is to be fixed. Sometimes it took only a few minutes to correct. Sometimes it can take hours. Waiting is the only option in this case.

#3. Network Issues

If you’re not able to access these features even after the update then the problem might be in your network. So check your network connection. And the best will be to change the network and then try again after some time. 

How To Fix the Notes Feature Not Working Problem?

Here are a few methods that you fix this problem. These methods can be used to fix this problem. But it will only be if the issue is occurring because of minor issues.

Here are those methods to try.

  1. Try to unistallnad reinstal the instagram app. This will help in eradicating any technical issues. So your  Instagram will work smoothly after this.
  2. Sometimes the issues arise because of the excess caches. Clearing these will help you smoothly use the features. So try to remove these from time to time.
  3. Restart your device. This will also be helpful in minor technical issues.
  4. Try to log out and log in again and repeat this process several times.


In conclusion, Here is why can’t I see notes on Instagram even after updating. The reason for not working on the notes feature can be any. Here is a list of several reasons. The solutions to this problem are also given.

So try all these methods and you will be able to solve your problem of notes. If the problem is still there then try to contact the customer support of Instagram.

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