Why Can’t I Do Add Yours On Instagram?

Why Can't I Do Add Yours On Instagram

Instagram never fails to amaze its users. And they are continuously giving new updates. One such update is ‘add yours”. It is for the stories that you post on Instagram. With the help of this feature, your friends can add their stories to your story section. But many users are facing problems with this “add yours” feature. So here is why can’t I do add yours on Instagram? So we must know the reason for the problem.

It is a new feature so it might cause some problems in the initial stage. But there are ways to fix the problem on Instagram. And by following these you can easily fix this problem in your account.

Basics About the “Add Yours” Feature Of Instagram

Add Yours on Instagram

Stories and reels are the best way to engage your audience and adding your features helps increase engagement rates. If you have a professional or a personal account then you can access this feature. Here you can post some questions and challenges and your audience will interact with you.

By sharing their stories regarding that topic. This way you can not only interact with your audience but you can also increase your following. So it is best to enhance your Instagram. And to make your users feel like you care for them. It also helps you to connect with long-lost friends.

Reasons Why Can’t I Do Add Yours On Instagram

Here is a list of some common reasons for this problem. If you are having this problem then you can fix this as well. These issues can be minor. But if this problem persists then you can contact the customer service support team of Instagram.

#1. Testing Issues

This feature on Instagram is still in the testing phase. So having this problem is common. If you are using a professional Instagram account then try to switch your account to a personal account.

Because this feature isn’t fully available for professional accounts yet. The analytical feature remains to add to this.

#2. Server Error

If you were getting the ‘add yours” feature before and now you’re not getting this then you can log in from your Instagram account and then log in again. If you log in again then the problem might disappear. Try doing this several times and it will be fixed eventually.

Tips For How To Fix the Not Showing ‘add yours” Features On Instagram

Here are a few tips that you can use to fix this problem. Make sure to follow all these to get the best possible results.

  1. Try to reinstall the app. For this, you have to install Instagram on your device first.
  2. Use a temporary VPN service. As these features might not be available in your region yet.
  3. Update the Instagram app and then log again into your account.
  4. Switch the data provider for high-speed internet.

All these things will help you to solve this problem very easily.`

Benefits Of Using ‘Add Yours’ In Your Instagram Account

The Add Yours feature of Instagram is useful in many ways. It is for both personal and professional accounts. So here is how you can use this feature for your benefit. And if you have an engaging Instagram account then it will benefit you more.

  1. You can create a very strong bond with your audience with the help of this feature.
  2. You can create various challenges on your profile. Hence it helps enhance creativity. 
  3. It helps in interacting with your audience in a very safe environment. And you can interact with them in every fun and loving way possible. 


In conclusion, Here is why can’t I do add yours on Instagram. It is a very easy process to fix this problem. If you will use the right steps and guide then you can fix this in no time. The reasons are very minor for not working on this feature. It is a new feature. And Instagram has not updated this feature in many regions.

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