Why Are Instagram Links Not Working?

Why Are Instagram Links Not Working

Instagram is a place where you can talk with anyone. And you can share media in your chats. In chats, you can share links to anything. You can share links to posts, liked reels, some other external apps, and all. But the question here is why are Instagram links not working. Instagram allows you to open any type of link. 

But if the links are not working then there might be some problem with your Instagram account. There are various reasons for the links to be not opened by Instagram. And by knowing the root cause you can manage this and correct the underlying cause.

A Common Reason For Why Instagram Links Not Working

Here are some common reasons for these links to not work. If you have this reason then you can treat the underlying cause and then the problems will be solved. 

#1. Broken link

Sometimes the link breaks. It means that either the link is incomplete or it is changing to some other address. It can happen by mistake as well. In these cases, when you click on the links it will show an invalid link.

You can ask the sender to resend the correct link. Because it is not possible to check every word of the link. So resending the link will be a good option. 

#2. The Link Page and Post Are Not Available

Another possibility is that the link is old and the link is not valid now. Also if the link post has been removed by the admin, then the link will also not work. Only a blank page will appear or a message will pop up saying an invalid link.

So ask the sender to check if the post is still available or not. Because it is the most common reason for the links to not work on Instagram

#3. Inappropriate Content Or Violations

Instagram has strict content guidelines. If a link shared on the platform violates these community guidelines, it may be taken down, and the link may become inactive.

Common violations include sexually explicit content, promotes violence, hate speech, or infringes on copyright. To ensure your links work, always adhere to Instagram’s content policies.

#4. Geographic Restrictions

Some content or links may be region-specific or subject to geographic restrictions due to legal or licensing agreements. If you try to access a link from a region where it’s not available, the link might not work.

#5. Temporary Glitches

Sometimes, Instagram links may not work due to temporary glitches or issues on Instagram’s servers. These problems are usually resolved by Instagram’s technical team, and links start working again after a while.

Tips To Correct the Broken Link Issues

Here are some tips that you can use to correct this problem. If it will be a temporary problem then it will resolve by doing all these things.

  1. Try to update your app. Go to the Play Store/app store and download the new version of the Instagram app. 
  2. Make sure that you check your internet connection. If you want to open a link on Instagram then you will require high-speed internet for this. So make sure that you have a good internet connection.
  3. Try reinstalling the Instagram app.
  4. Force the stop app for few times and then log again in to your account.


In conclusion, Here is why are Instagram links not working. Here is a list of some common reasons for this problem. So if you are having this problem then you can also try the above-mentioned solutions.

If the error is due to any technical issue then it will resolved by doing all this. These are every basic solution for any Instagram common issues. 

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