WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly – a comparative analysis of two most used grammar checkers

WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly – a comparative analysis of two most used grammar checkers

Writing is passion for many, but learning how to write correctly can be a pain. Though we are only using the skills we acquired during elementary education while writing, it takes a whole lot of reading and being passionate about learning grammar rules and enriching vocabulary that sets a writer amongst the rest.

You may be the king of expressions or an avid social media posts writer, but the expressions would fail to create impact when you are not able to write correct grammar. Sentence structuring, spelling and grammar are the virtues of a writer. Thankfully, there are grammar and spell checkers available that come with multiple benefits and offer you a ready made way of finding whether your document is written correctly or not.

WhiteSmoke vs. Grammarly – which one is better

In fact Grammarly lovers are in love with the grammar and spell check tools for various reasons. Moreover it is considered one of the most dependable Grammarly checkers used by reputed content managing companies and writing bureaus for checking the content provided to them by the writers.

Of course, this Grammar checker comes with a variety of features that provide support way beyond just what is provided by proofreading software. That is, this checker offers support features such as:

1) Vocabulary suggestions –

If you are searching for a better word, you can put the vocabulary suggestion feature on and it will help you have stronger words as required in the sentence.

2) Sentence rephraser –

Sometimes, writers get entangled in their own web of words. It leads them to writing sentences which are less impactful and somewhat confusing. Grammarly offers more lucid sentence structure.

3) Plagiarism check –

This feature proves to be a big job saver for many writers. Plagiarism is a serious issue and content can sabotage the rank of the website instead of boosting it. The plagiarism checker module allows checking the similar sentence in the content which are already available in the other documents posted over the web.

4) Upload docs and paste texts:

Grammarly allows you uploading the whole MS Word document for checking or sometimes, you can just paste a sentence or a small text to get checked. In any manner, Grammarly works and provides good results.

5) Proofreader:

Grammarly offers the proofreading support for the editors and content checkers. Once done manually, the whole document can be given a second eye with the help of this grammar checker that can help pointing out the mistakes missed out due to human error.

Grammarly is developed as office and browser extension as well. It comes with cloud access feature that helps using the checker on Google Cloud applications and other cloud applications too.

You can also find its use as mobile application and have a walking library and proofreading support right in your hands wherever you want. There are upgraded plans like Grammarly Premium available with advanced features.

WhiteSmoke review

WhiteSmoke is also a good plagiarism checker with the support for grammar check. It is quite in competition with other grammar checkers like Ginger, etc. The main features common to that of Grammarly in WhiteSmoke are:

1) Vocabulary suggestion:

Helpful in finding better words

2) Plagiarism check:

To find and delete sentences similar to that appearing in published works

3) Proofreader:

To help finding the punctuation and spelling errors.

4) Paste texts:

Paste the small texts for checking the content quality and errors, if any.

Additional features unlike Grammarly in WhiteSmoke are Translate and Dictionary. These features allow the user to translate the content written in any language to a desired language.

There is a dictionary look-up feature also provided to give in-depth knowledge about any word. You can learn the meaning as well as origin of the words using WhiteSmoke.

It is compatible with both Android and Mac phones, and thus, can be used over wide range of devices. Some plans in WhiteSmoke offer templates to save the time in writing content in different formats.

WhiteSmoke lacks certain features available in Grammarly like upload docs. The user will not be able to upload big docs for checking in WhiteSmoke plagiarism checker. You will not find the feature Sentence Rephraser, too, in WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke is not available as browser extension. Thus, feature-wise speaking, both checkers may have something extra to offer to the users.

But, if we talk about the quality of checking done, the errors are found to be missed by WhiteSmoke which Grammarly could detect.

Other grammar checkers worth vouching for…

WhiteSmoke and Grammarly are not the only popular grammar checkers available in the market. You can find one name commonly buzzing around, that is, Ginger.


Notably, Ginger is an Israeli startup that was founded in 2007. It is also a paid checker tool that can cost something around $19 per month when you pay upfront the annual subscription charge.

If we compare Ginger with Grammarly, there will not be many differences to talk about. However, Ginger goes a step ahead of the later and provides the checking support for the writers of other languages apart from English.

Ginger is yet to develop a Mac-compatible application for checking grammar and plagiarism, but one thing noteworthy about Ginger is that it takes care of the formatting in which the document is written and uploaded.

Thus, the result obtained from Ginger check does not offer the pain of going through whole document and reformatting in original form.

Ginger is not so fast as Grammarly. Whole of the time, the checker is bound to go over each grammatical mistake individually  and correct it before proceeding further.

This is not the case with the Grammarly that comes with the side bar and allows you correcting the mistake in the side bar itself. Translate feature is better than Google translate making it easy for the non-native writers to try their luck in writing content in English. They can write the content in their native language, get it translated and then checked for grammar errors.

Ginger is more personalized in approach. It allows the user to create a list of words that should go unchecked. It is an ideal feature for fiction writers or blog posts writers who are saved the task of commanding to ignore names of characters, places, or any unusual word they write just to go with the theme.

SpellCheck Plus

The next in the series of Grammar checkers will be SpellCheck Plus. Apart from checking the content for grammar errors, it will do the job of pinpointing redundant words making it easy for the writers to develop native style in their writing. It simplifies the content by marking the complex sentences and helps in achieving better reading score which is a plus point in SEO activities.

SpellCheck is, however, not possible to use apart from browser. It is a more mechanized tool and can be a source of pain when it interferes with your writing styles.

You cannot explain everything in simple words, it sometimes takes away the essence of the message. Thus, SpellCheck users can turn out to be more mechanical in their writing if they take all its suggestions seriously.

Sentence Checker

The other competitor of SpellCheck, a completely browser-based checker is, SentenceChecker. It also does line editing just like SpellCheck and has nothing to offer when tried outside the browser.

The auto-correct feature of SentenceChecker is quite disturbing as the writer gets no say in the matter. The result seems like content not edited or corrected but written by some other writer. So, if you want to retain the soul of your writing, SentenceChecker can be avoided.


Identically Grammar checkers help in correcting spellings and punctuation errors. The advanced ones fiddle with the grammar part and suggest better framing of sentence by using better words. Some checkers come with auto-correct feature that actually just simplifies the sentences by deleting redundant words. It cannot be useful for the writers who are using certain words only to make an impact. Thus, depending too much on checkers is not advisable for fiction writing.

You may need grammar checker at any point of time to avoid the errors that may rob the content off its readability. The selection of grammar checkers is quite important as all come with some or the other unique or additional feature. The checkers mean differently for fiction and non-fiction writers. The grammar checkers can be browser-based or can be an MS Office Extension. The best part of these checkers is that they are helpful in overcoming the writer’s block and help the writers in experimenting with new and better words without committing errors.

Grammar checkers may save time or consume it too, depending upon the way they check the document. Some allow document upload, while others come only with the paste text feature. There can be additional features like Dictionary and Translate available in some checkers.

Remember that quality comes at a cost. So, going for free checkers may be quite peaceful to mind; but their results can be a bit disappointing. If you really want to learn English while correcting it, go for some paid versions that help you polish your English as well.

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