Where is Hildegards Husband – Follow 6 Steps

Where is Hildegards Husband - Follow 6 Steps

For the King 2 game is one of the most popular games. To move forward in this game, you have to solve quests given to you from time to time. One such confusing quest includes where is Hildegards husband? Many players found themselves stuck in this quest.

But do not worry because you’re at the right place to get your answer! We will help you out in this quest and give you full support in competing at your level. All these quests are making a storyline. So there is no chance to skip these.

There is much resistance to finding Hildegards husband. You will find this quest in Chapter 1. Hence to move the storyline forward it is essential to find the hildegards husband.

Where is Hildegards Husband Where is Hildegards Husband {Find Answer Here}

So this is the six step process to find Hildegard’s husband:- 

  1. To reach the husband, You need to free him from the prison.
  2. And to free him, you will need an overturned wagon.
  3. And the complicated part is to find the overturned wagon. The Foothills area is the place of the overturned wagon.
  4. So you have to search this whole area. No war will happen until the search.
  5. The broken wagon will give you the location where the Hildegard husband is kept as a prisoner.
  6. And to make him free you need your force. You have to fight a war to free the husband from the prison.

What is the exact position of Hildegards husband in “For the King 2” Game

As we have discussed above, the husband is located in the foothills. But if you see the foothills, it is very huge. So where exactly do you need to search for the husband in the foothills?  A broken cart is the place you have to search for. If you are finding it difficult to locate the broken cart then you can use the vision scrolls.

This will make it easy to scroll through the game map. And you will locate the broken cart in foothills very soon.


Here is the answer for “where is Hildegards husband”. The husband is in prison and you have to fight a war to free him. But before starting the war, make sure that you have enough weapons. You might need to upgrade some of your weapons.

To move forward in the game, it is essential to get the husband. You can attempt several wars to make Hildegard’s husband free.

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