When Is It Too Late To Fire Your Attorney?

When Is It Too Late To Fire Your Attorney

The most common reason to fire an attorney is dissatisfaction. We will give you all the details when is it too late to fire your attorney.

When you decide to fire your attorney, the first thing you should do is inform him. Through an e-mail or, any written notice. So that he or, she may know that you are in the process to fire your lawyer. But before terminating your attorney, the legal action taken by you should be respectful and professional. In this way, all of your proceedings will take smoothly and systematically.

Reasons To Fire Your Attorney

Generally, a lack of dedication or, compassion shown by our lawyer towards us, is one of the reasons to terminate him. Now, you decide to terminate your attorney-client relationship. Also in the overall process to fire your attorney will take some legal action. Lack of communication is also a big problem and the lawyer is not picking up your phone calls or, giving answers to your e-mails.

All of these conditions make a client unsatisfied with his attorney. Thus want to fire his or, her attorney and find or, replace him with a new lawyer. It is now the time to get the substitution of counsel for smooth advice and proper working.

What To Do Before Firing An Attorney?

First, you should have read the fine print on your contract. Read and find out the termination clauses if any. Also do follow the terms of the contract, if the termination clause stipulates notice timing, or, anything else written there. Generally, you have the right to fire your attorney at any time, with any reason behind it. But there are some legal matters for terminating your attorney-client relationship.

If your attorney has committed malpractice; like breaking the ethical rules, doing mistakes again and again in your case. Then you have the legal right to fire your lawyer at any time. Also if your lawyer is failing to perform certain services or, charging more than the agreement.

What effect Does Occur To Your Case?

Sometimes your attorney refuses to release the files of the case. In this condition, you require to get legal assistance to enforce your rights. Also, you should have to file a complaint with the state bar association. When you fire your attorney, it has consequences like delays and additional expenses. But, if you are not satisfied with the performance of your lawyer, then must fire him. It is also a serious decision to fire an attorney if your case is in progress.

Firing your attorney may cause delays in your case; as you search for a new attorney. So that the new lawyer gets up to speed on your case fast. Even according to the terms of the agreement, you are responsible to to pay your present attorney for any work. Done by him to you if you do not want to continue with him. So, before terminating your attorney, it should be taken all of the relevant factors and its potential consequences regarding it.

How To Find A New Attorney?

As we are discussing when is it too late to fire your attorney, thus when you have fired your attorney? Then now it’s time to search for a new attorney. When you ended the lawyer-client relationship, it is necessary to find another lawyer to take over your representation. The easiest way to find a new lawyer is to online search.

Also, you may request to get suggestions from your acquaintances and your loved ones. But you should research to discover lawyers in your locality or, region. Who can handle your legal matters; having the specialization in your particular legal concerns? So before firing the old lawyer, it has been advised to first find or, replace the new lawyer.

If your case is already filed within the court system, then you or, your new lawyer will need to file a notice with the court that now you will be represented by new counsel. Your new attorney will file a ”motion for substitution of counsel” and now your old attorney will file a motion to withdraw.

Is It Easy To Fire An Attorney?

One should know that firing an attorney is not an easy task. You will have to pay them they have done the assistance to you. You may not get any refund if you fire them before they have completed your case. Also to replace with the new attorney is a tedious task. Starting all over again may be costly with time and money too.

It could be losing out on the progress with your new attorney sometime. Anyway, there are some pros and cons to every system. Thus to initiate any legal proceeding, first read the contract papers. Then do the other requisites to fire your previous attorney.

End Note

These are all about when is it too late to fire your attorney. If you have decided to terminate your old lawyer then must follow your attorney-client relationship. The requirement to fire the old lawyer is due to the lack of communication, in most of the cases. So, give your attorney a written notice like, through an e-mail; that now you want to fire him. This may take some time, according to your case.

If it is a complex case then it will even take several weeks or, months. But generally, it is an easy process to file a motion to withdraw and fire your attorney. Also when it comes to hiring a new attorney, it becomes necessary to make research. The new attorney you are going to hire must have experience in the area of law in which your case is.

Your new attorney has a good reputation and a track record of goodness too. The best way to find an attorney is to ask for referrals from your family or, friends. You may also search online and read the reviews posted by past clients of them. Thus the previous attorney should be informed prior before hiring the new one.

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