Does WhatsApp Give Video Call Screenshot Notification?

WhatsApp Video Call Screenshot Notification

In this article, we will be answering whether WhatsApp gives video call screenshot notifications. Further in the article, we will provide some alternative apps that are more privacy-conscious, followed by an FAQ.

Let’s begin the article!

WhatsApp Video Call Screenshot Notification

The short answer is no. WhatsApp doesn’t notify users if they took a screenshot in a video call. Nor does it notify users when you take a screenshot of chat, status, voice call, profile picture, or even View Once photo/video.

Until now, you can take a screenshot in the WhatsApp application, and nobody will be notified. It’s quite a privacy loophole in WhatsApp.

Even though WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, anyone can take screenshots or do screen recording without you having any idea about it. It would be safe to say, to be conscious while sharing through WhatsApp. 

Which Social Media App Notifies of Screenshot

Apart from WhatsApp, there are other popular social media apps as well. For example, Snapchat and BeReal are apps that notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your photos or chats.

Instagram on the other hand, notifies you when someone takes a screenshot in vanish mode or one-time photo/video.

Facebook and WhatsApp are the apps that don’t notify users at all. Throughout the app, you can screenshot anything and the users won’t get any notification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Know if Someone is Taking Screenshots on a WhatsApp Video Call?

Sorry to disappoint you because there is no way you can find out if someone is recording or taking screenshots of a video call on WhatsApp.

2. Video Call Apps that Don’t Allow Screen Recording

Screen recording is a built-in feature on the latest devices, that’s why not many video calling apps can block it. However, video calling apps like Microsoft Team notify others if a user using screen recording.

Further on the Microsoft team, administrators can block screen recordings of video calls as well.

3. How to Know If Someone Took a Screenshot of a View Once Photo/Video on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp doesn’t allow taking screenshots of view-once photo/video. However, some users can use third-party applications to take screenshots and you won’t get any notification. That’s why WhatsApp advises you to only send view-once photos/videos to people you trust.

4. How Do I Stop Someone from Taking Screenshots on WhatsApp?

There aren’t such good measures from WhatsApp to help someone stop capturing screenshots. However, you can send a view-once photo or video that doesn’t allow the user to screenshot or screen record the media.

Final Words

WhatsApp does end-to-end encryption which might be great for various people. But it lacks some major privacy features. I found that Microsoft Team is a good video-calling app, that notifies if a screenshot is taken during a video call.

You can use such apps to protect your privacy… that’s all we have in this article, we hope you found it helpful, thanks for reading!


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