Do You Get Notification for WhatsApp Group Screenshot

Do You Get Notifications for WhatsApp Group Screenshots

Concerned about a member in your group might be capturing screenshots of your chats. In this article, we will answer your query, followed by an easy alternative. Let’s begin!

Do You Get Notifications for WhatsApp Group Screenshots?

No, WhatsApp doesn’t notify users when you take screenshots in a group chat. In fact, WhatsApp doesn’t notify users when you take screenshots, you can screenshot a chat, status, profile picture, or even a disappearing message.

You won’t get a notification even if someone screenshot your group chat. If you even send a view-once photo or video as well. This is one of the privacy loopholes in the WhatsApp application.

Here are some other apps that notify users when someone takes a screenshot in a group chat.

Apps that Notifies When You Take Screenshots in Chat

Two popular apps notify you when someone takes a screenshot in chats.

    1. Snapchat – This is a privacy-concerning app that notifies you when somebody screenshots your chat, photo, video, or snaps. You can create a group chat of up to 200 people on Snapchat.
    2. Instagram – Instagram has some features that help you get notified when someone screenshots a chat. For example, in vanish mode when someone takes a screenshot you will be notified. However, this feature is not in group chat. Another feature is view-once image or videos, when if someone takes a screenshot of the image or video, you’ll be notified.

These are the two popular apps that your friends or family might be using and can be an alternative to WhatsApp group chats.

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Final Words

WhatsApp has some amazing privacy protection features, however, the app fails to protect users’ privacy in many places. For example, end-to-end privacy protection won’t work when uploading a backup to the cloud unless you toggle it on.

Likewise, you can consider not providing an alert when users tool screenshots as another exception.

Following the article, we provided two alternative apps, that provide screenshot notifications, hopefully, this will be helpful for you.

That’s it for this article, thanks for reading!


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