What to do if homeowners insurance company is stalling

What to do if homeowners insurance company is stalling?

There are a few things you can do if your homeowners insurance company is stalling. Here is everything that you can do if your insurance company is stalling your payouts. Hiring an attorney should be the last option and also you can make sure to prepare all the necessary documents. You can try to take every piece of evidence of the property damage. Don’t file a wrong claim because you have to pay the fine.

How do overcome when the homeowners’ insurance company is stalling?

The worst thing that can happen to you after the proper damage is the insurance company is stalling your payment. You never want this to happen to you. Because people put a lot of trust in the insurance company, and they believe that the insurance claim will help them to get the money to recover from personal injuries. This happens with only a few persons and most of them experience disloyalty. Insurance companies when they find that they have to give a large claim for the damage they start stalling in that.

Accepting the company’s settlement offer is never a good idea. Because you deserve much more than that. So, do not jump on any result very quickly. Here is what to do if the homeowners’ insurance company is stalling. Make sure you give it a good read to know more about the content.

What is stalling?

When you have homeowners insurance and due to some natural disaster or any other disaster your property becomes damaged. Now you will claim to get the money from your insurance company. But your insurance company is delaying the money-giving process without any proper reason. This is called stalling. More and more stalling cases are filed in court these days. Hence the number of these cases is increasing. Remember homeowners insurance claims will be accepted in this case. Only the money-giving process will delay.

Why do insurance companies stall the payments of victims?

Here are some common reasons why insurance companies can stall your payments. The insurance claims process itself is very confusing. You will need a lot of documents and all. You need to arrange every proof and document promptly. Here are some mistakes that insurance companies can use for their bb benefits.

1) Lack of evidence. It is always advised to take videos and photos of the incident. These will serve as evidence in your favour. If you will lack any of these then there is a high probability that the insurance company will stall your payment.

2) They may test your patience and wait until you drop all the claims. This is the most common reason when the insurance company approves the customer and lets them drop all the claims. So that they have to give nothing. And after that, you can not take that case to court. Because then they will have to drop the claim from your side.

3) They drop all the claims by saying it is a company policy. Now to escape from this make sure you give your insurance policy a good read while signing the papers. Let the insurance broker know that you know every single term of your insurance policy. This way the insurance company never denies your claim.

4) When the insurance company does not do the proper investigation and denied your claim without doing the investigation. This depicts that they are acting in bad faith. Make sure that the insurance adjuster checks every damage properly.

Things to do when an insurance company is stalling

If your insurance company is stalling with you then you can do these things.

1) First, prepare all the possible documents. Some of the documents that work in your favour strongly are as follows: medical record, witness statement, adjuster report, and accident report. Prepare everything.

2) Hire an attorney. You can go with a law firm if your insurance company is stalling with the money and you need that urgently. However, law firms should be the last option for this. To go to court make sure that you hire a good and specialized attorney.

3) Do not agree with the compensation. If your insurance company wants to settle down the matter they will offer you a compensating amount. Take someone’s advice before accepting the offer for compensation. You can take another insurance adjuster’s advice or you can also ask for a free consultation from an attorney in your area.

4) Keep all the numbers and emails of the home insurance claim adjuster that is involved in your case. Make sure you will be cooperative in their work. Whatever documents they need, try to give them as soon as possible. This way you will decrease the probability of the claim denial from the insurance company.

These all are the things that you can do in the insurance claim stalling case. Never talk about the such matter to your insurance adjuster on a phone call. Because your statements are strong evidence, there is a high chance your insurance company will deny your claim. So, try to talk in person with full confidence. Do not let them know that you’re unaware of all these things.

Maximum limit to delay the payment by the insurance company

The truth is that there is no fixed time to get the payouts from the insurance company. The time limit matters from state to state. Some insurance policies take more time to receive the claim while some take less time. Hence, It depends from place to place and policy to policy. But still, the government in all the states keeps the minimum time between the claims application and the receiving. As a matter of fact, It should not take more than 2 weeks. If it is taking more time then make sure that you seek help from an attorney. Just meet them for advice and if they told you to file a case then do that.

Governments of different states try to do everything to protect the rights of their citizens. So in most cases, the customer of the policy wins over the insurance company.


In conclusion, there are chances that the insurance company will stall your payout. But she is the solution to your problem. Make sure that you keep all the evidence with you while dealing with this problem. Everything that you can do to get your money is mentioned here. Try to follow all the rules to get the money back.

Do not hesitate to take help from the attorneys. Just make sure that your attorney has experience in this field. Ask him about his previous experiences. Hope you will find the above article helpful.

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