What No Money Can Buy – 20 Important Things

What No Money Can Buy - 20 Important Things

If you are solving crossword quizzes, the answer to “What no money can buy” is priceless, invaluable, etc. This one is the correct answer. 

But here in this article, we will mention 20 essential things money can’t buy.

Money is a vital resource; This will make it possible for you to live a comfortable life, free of financial worries, as a result of it. But after a certain point, money doesn’t matter.

In one of the earliest studies on the relationship between money and happiness, an economic professor Richard Easterlin, found that the nation with higher income tends to be happier than lower-income nations.

But after a certain point, Money doesn’t contribute to happiness; a marginal increase in your income doesn’t make you happy. In simple words, Money gives a social status and freedom to buy whatever you want, but beyond that, money doesn’t matter.

Think of money as fuel in your vehicle. Fuel is essential; your vehicle won’t move without fuel, and having extra fuel for emergencies gives you peace.

But storing ten times more fuel than you need won’t impact your happiness. Sometimes, it may even trigger fear of catching fire. So that’s what money’s role in our life is. 

Let’s see the twenty things money can’t buy.

What No Money Can Buy - 20 Things

What No Money Can Buy – 20 Important Things

So here are the twenty things, which no money can buy, 

1. Good Health

Most people sacrifice their health for money, but even if you are a billionaire, you can fall sick and have diseases. Good health is an intangible wealth in today’s situation because if your health is good you can live fresh and happily every day. Making money is important, but prioritize your health as well.

2. Gratitude

One of the best qualities of self-satisfied people is being grateful for what you have. You don’t need a big house, expensive cars, or much money to be satisfied. Just look around, and acknowledge the little things you have. 

Maybe your health is good, or you have a loving family; you might underestimate your job or work, but many people might dream about getting that job. 

There are many more things to be grateful for.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you be self-aware, leading to self-understanding, which is key to happiness. Once you become mindful of yourself, you start accepting yourself as you are, and it will give you the eternal, which materialistic things won’t.

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4. Friendship

Money can buy yes-man and fake friends, but it cannot buy real ones. Your real friends don’t even care about your financial status. People, as they get old, realize the value of real friends.

So, invest your time in friendship.

5. Love

Money can buy flattery but not true love; with the help of money, you can get into a superficial relationship, not a real one. 

6. Time

Time is irreversible; no matter how much you earn, you cannot buy time. As everyone only has a limited amount of time at their disposal, you need to make sure that you spend it wisely on the things that are most important to you.

7. Wisdom

With Wisdom, you can live life with ease, but unfortunately, wisdom doesn’t get sold and nor can it be bought. You can only be wise if you have both bad and good experiences. 

Here is a Chris Browns quote – “You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.”

8. Talent

Although we don’t believe that a person is born with talent or skill, constant efforts in the right direction and practice can make a person talented and skillful. Talent is an asset that can’t be taken away from you.

9. Character

On a superficial level, you can connect with people through appearance and attraction. But on a deeper level, a genuine relationship depends on your character. It is good that character Intelligence is bought with money, as it helps us to identify a person’s true character.

10. Loving Family

Your relationship with your family doesn’t depend on your financial status. It is true to secure our family, we need to be financially stable, but at the same time, we should also give them time and make the bonds stronger.

Money cannot buy a genuinely loving family!

11. Emotional Intelligence

Of course, Emotional intelligence is more important nowadays, as the internet and social media make money by exploiting our emotions. In addition, Emotional intelligence helps us to stay mentally stable and maintain our relationships.

Obviously, it can’t be bought. It can be learned through observations, books, other learning sources, etc.

12. Happiness

Although money can buy us things that make us happy, buying things and using the money to be satisfied is a temporary solution. You buy an expensive item, use it for a few days, and again, you will be in the same unhappy zone after a few days.

The permanent solution is identifying the deeply rooted problems in ourselves using psychology. Self-love, understanding, positive attitude are other things you should incorporate into your thought process.

Yes, temporary happiness can be bought using money, but being happy as a ‘laughing buddha,’ you can’t purchase it ( Buddha was a prince, he got happiness after leaving the kingdom.)

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13. Self Love

Just like we need love and affection from others for survival, we also need our love for ourselves. Sometimes, we get too harsh on ourselves; we try to criticize every action of ours and drain our mental energy. 

Treat yourself with empathy and love.

14. Empathy

Being empathetic is a quality of great humans; empathy helps you understand someone better and be sensitive toward others. Empathy has no connection with your financial status; it’s in your nature.

15. Self-Understanding

Self-understanding and acceptance are keys to happiness. It cannot be bought with money or sold; you must develop it. 

16. Knowledge

There is a difference between education and knowledge; there is a difference between being educated and being knowledgeable. Knowledge comes from learning without ego; it comes from understanding life.

Knowledge doesn’t come from your financial status; rather, it depends on your life experience and by adapting your learning attitude.

17. Intimacy

Of course, Intimacy doesn’t come from seeing a partner’s financial status; rather, it depends on your inner beauty. 

18. Inner Beauty

As a matter of fact, Money can help you buy expensive clothes, cosmetics, accessories, etc., that can make a person look better. Yet a person’s inner beauty is more costly, which can be bought with money.

A person whose outer appearance is good can attract many people quickly. However, to keep long-term companionship, inner beauty matters most.

19. Positive Attitude

Facing challenges and difficulties is part of life; the only difference is in mindset and attitude. A situation can break someone, and the same problem can make the other person shine brightly.

Fortunately, a positive attitude doesn’t come from money; it comes through wisdom and understanding of life.

20. Loyalty

Loyalty and trust are the foundation of any relationship, money can help you buy expensive gifts, but it won’t be able to buy more expensive loyalty. 

So, these were twenty crucial things money can’t buy. However, this post isn’t conveying the message that money isn’t essential. The only motive of the post is to make you aware of invaluable things we forget to collect while chasing money.

I hope you like this post; if you have more things to it, please comment on it.

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