What is that a teacup with legs on that desk?

What is that a teacup with legs on that desk

Are you a Harry Potter lover? And want to solve mysteries of Harry Potter then the Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery scavenger hunt is for you. You can find clues to the mysteries and then based on those clues you try to find the answer to the mysteries. With one right answer, you will move one level up. And here we are with the answer to the most famous Hogwarts mystery. And it is that a teacup with legs on that desk. Even if you have completed several levels, you will stuck on this mystery.

We will try our best to provide you with the best clues. You can use these clues to get the answer to this mystery and complete this level. There are a lot of clues available for this mystery. But not every clue will take you to the right answer. So we will help you to take the right ladder to reach on top.

So what is that a teacup with legs on that desk?

The scavenger hunt is a new event. And it has been launched recently. And it is for all the Harry Potter lovers. You get the Harry Potter mysteries.

Here is what you have to do in this:-

  1. You will get a mystery with clues. Based on the clues, you have to guess the right item. Then choose the right item based on your answer.
  2. Now you have to search for the missing items too. Read your clues very carefully and search for different places for the missing item. You might find it hard in one go and it can take a while to get to the answer.
  3. You will get a total of 5 clues and you will get one clue at a time. And based on that clue you will have to work to find the item.
  4. Once you have found the item. Took the item to the main spot and checked if it was correct or not.

What is the answer for is that a teacup with legs on that desk?

If you are tired of searching for the answer to this mystery then here we are with the answer:-

  1. It is not absurd to look for one answer to the mystery. The answer to this mystery is charms. So now you have to search for all the places for the charms.
  2. Once you find the charms submit these. The level will be completed. Now you know the answer but your work has not been done yet.
  3. We are not sure about where you will find these charms. You have to search for this by yourself because with every player the location of the answer and the clues changes.
  4. So it is hard to say where you will find this character. Search with a few details. And you will reach the charms in no time.

The debate is that a teacup with legs on that desk

Many players file complaints about this puzzle. Because the answer and the puzzle both are confusing. And some say that there is no connection between these two. So it is hard for every player to guess the right answer. Many answers can be guessed with this clue. But Charms is very out of the board.

So you will always see suggestions to either change the answer to the puzzle or to change the clue itself. Because both the answer and the mystery are contradicting. And not many people can guess this. So this is the main reason for most of the people to get stuck on this mystery. And then they start to look at here and there for the answers.

What makes the Harry Potter Mystery game addictive?

If you have seen Harry Potter or if you have read the novel only then you will relate with this game. Because the character of the game and the answers to the mysteries are the same as in the novel. So a true Harry Potter lover can relate to this game. And it is the prime reason for the popularity of this game.

Because of the interface and the characters, the faces of the characters are so similar to the original series. So people play this game like they are the original Harry Potter characters. There are various character customization options for the characters which makes the character more realistic.


Now you know the answer is that a teacup with legs on that desk. The mystery is very complicated. Even if you’re a pro in this game, there are chances that you will stuck here. Although there is much debate that says that the answer to this puzzle and the puzzle itself do not match. So it is given in the game just to confuse the players. And most of the players lose hope in this mystery.

But we are here to help you out. We have given the solution to this mystery here. Although we have given you the answer it does not mean that your work has been done. Now you have to find the item charm.

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