What is BTC Explorer?

What is BTC Explorer

Blockchain is one of the fantastic tech; you need to learn about various technologies to know the bigger picture of blockchain technology.

One of them is BTC Explorer or Blockchain Explorer.

Here is ‘what is blockchain explorer’ in simple words.

What is Blockchain Explorer?

People who favor blockchain often talk about its transparency and security. And Blockchain Explorer is a perfect tool that symbolizes its transparency.

Blockchain Explorer is a tool that provides detailed information about blocks, transactions, etc, of a blockchain network. It helps you to find real-time as well as historical information on transactions.

Blockchain Explorer provides information such as – 

  1. Time and date of transaction
  2. Block addresses
  3. Size (KBs)
  4. Other information related to blocks

Often, Blockchain Explorer provides information on public blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain. Blockchain Explorer acts as a search engine for Blockchain transaction information.

What is BTC Explorer?

As of now, we know that every blockchain network has its own explorer. Similarly, Bitcoin’s Blockchain Explorer is known as BTC Explorer. BTC Explorer helps you find real-time information on blockchain transactions in the Blockchain network.

It doesn’t reveal personal information like the sender’s or receiver’s name; It only discloses publically available information about the Blockchain network.

Here are some of the famous BTC Explorers

How to Use BTC Explorer?

BTC Explorer are online tool/website; You can visit it and use it as a search engine.

Following are some of the famous BTC explorers –

  1. BlockStream (Link:- https://blockstream.info/blocks/recent)
  2. BTC.com (Link:- https://explorer.btc.com/en/btc)
  3. Bittaps (Link:- https://bitaps.com/)

You can use any of them; they work primarily the same.

For this article, we will go with BlockStream.

1) First of all, Go to BlockStream –

BTC Explorer

2) By default, you will be seeing recently added blocks to Bitcoin Blockchain. You will see their Timestamp, Transaction ID, Block Size, etc.

Now, on the search bar, paste the transaction ID, also known as TXID, and it will display information related to the transaction. You can also search for Block height, hash, or address.

Here is the following information of a random transaction ID: block no. 4567.

Block 4567

If you scroll down a bit, you will also find out transactional details like the receiver and sender’s wallet address, amount of BTC, etc.

Blockchain transaction screenshot

In the above screenshot, you can see this block has done a transaction of 50.00000000 BTC, from Coinbase to P2PK. If you click on DETAILS+, you will be getting more technical information related to transactions.

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FAQs: BTC Explorer

Here we have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding BTC Explorer and topics related to it.

#1. Where Can I Find my Bitcoin Transaction ID?

That’s simple

  1. Go to your crypto wallet
  2. Select the transaction, whose details you want
  3. Tapping on the transaction or more details, will get all the information of the transaction including transaction ID, also known as TXID.
  4. Copy the transaction ID.

#2. What is the Use Case of Blockchain Explorer?

Blockchain Explorer can be mainly used by traders, miners, businesses, and crypto enthusiasts. Miners often use Blockchain Explorer to confirm that they have mined the block or not. Businesses can be used to analyze transaction data related to their projects.

Likewise, Crypto enthusiasts use it for their time pass, passion, and learning.

#3. What is the First Bitcoin Block Explorer?


Blockchain.com was the first BTC Explorer created in 2011.

#4. What is Confirmation In BTC Explorers?

Confirmation simply means that the block has been added to the blockchain. In blockchains, every block needs confirmation from a previous block to get added to a network. Such confirmation comes from Miners or Validators.

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