What is A Good Score In Golf?

What is A Good Score in Golf

You just finished playing golf. You look at the scorecard, wondering how you did. Was it a good score or not? Golf is a tricky game – some days easy, some days hard. You may be wondering what is a good score in golf. Let’s break down what good scores are for different skill levels.

Want To Know What is A Good Score in Golf?

Want To Know What is A Good Score in Golf

This article breaks down typical scoring ranges for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and elite golfers. Learn what counts as a solid score based on your skill level, from breaking 100 as a beginner to shooting under par for pros. Get tips for managing expectations and emotions on the course.

Good Score in Golf For Beginners

First, be proud you played at all! As a beginner, a golf game can be tough. Lots of bogeys, double bogeys, and Triple bogeys on bad days. That’s okay! You’re just starting. Focus on solid hits, safe shots, and enjoying the day.

So what is a good score in golf if you are a beginner? If keeping score, anything under 120 is great for the first few rounds. Breaking 100 huge milestone for beginners. I felt like I won the Masters the first time I broke 100!

After a dozen rounds, try to break 100 regularly. Scores around 90-100 are good goals as you improve swing, short game, and course management.

Good Score For Intermediate Golfers

Good Score For Intermediate Golfers

Say you’ve played a few seasons. Your driver, irons, and wedges are decently consistent. Putting and chipping is less scary. Now, aim for 85-95 in most rounds. That’s solid for the intermediate player. Breaking 90 is fantastic! Scores in the 80s are now in sight.

The next milestone for intermediates is regular low 80s. A bad ’90s round still happens. But the mid-80s shows ready to advance.

Good Score in Golf For Advanced Golfers

When you regularly shoot low 80s or high 70s, you’re advanced. Swing fundamentals are ingrained now. Course management is natural. Short game and putting save strokes.

Now it’s fine-tuning and becoming a complete golfer. Scores in the 70s are the norm, with some low 80s bad rounds. It was breaking par not fantasy. You might even go super low when everything clicks.

If you card 60s, admire your skills! Subpar takes immense talent and mental focus. Keep chasing birdies and eagles!

Good Score For Elite Golfers

In rarefied air now. If you regularly break the 60s, you have rare talent. Elite players make difficult looks easy.

At this elite level, a “good” score depends on the course and conditions. A tough track with thick rough plays differently than an open course with easy greens.

For elite players, a good score takes full advantage of openings and avoids big numbers. It could be 65 or 75. But optimum scoring defines elite players.

Adjusting Expectations

Of course, age and ability affect scores too. 20-handicap senior shooting 90 didn’t necessarily play better than scratch teen shooting 72. We all start differently.

Mastering golf is managing expectations and emotions, not just talent. Great players stay calm in pursuing excellence, one shot at a time. Keep your head up after bad holes. Enjoy memorable shots that keep us coming back.

Now you better understand good scores in golf at every skill level. Enjoy the walk, fresh air, and easy swing!

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