What Insurance Does Lenscrafters Take?

What Insurance Does Lenscrafters Take

Here is the complete guide for which insurance is accepted by LensCrafters and how you can claim for the insurance. Some certain things affect the price of the eye exam. even if you have the insurance policy you can save money on it. 

Accepted insurance at Lenscrafters

Lenscrafters is the name in the vision care industry. They are famous for their frame, lenses, and other types of eye exams. There are plenty of stores of Lenscrafters in and outside the United States. They have many branches in other countries. You can easily find a store anywhere. Thousands of people are employed by LensCrafters. Some leading countries have big Lenscrafters stores like Hong Kong, India, and China. They are continuously increasing their business in the past few years.

The best thing about Lenscrafters is that they accept the vision coverage insurance policy. But there is some specific insurance company that is taken in by Lenscrafters. Here is the information about what insurance does LensCrafters takes. To know more details regarding LensCrafters, you can read till the end.

Available facilities at Lenscrafters

First of all, you have to make an appointment at the store only. The customer service at the Lenscrafters store is the best among all. There is always a doctor available at the store for all kinds of check-ups. Here is a list of all the facilities available at the LensCrafters store.

  • Lens protection
  • Contact lenses
  • Frame lenses
  • Eyeglass frame
  • Eye exam

You have to visit the store for the eye exam but other facilities are available both online and in-store. You can select a suitable eyeglass frame online and then order it. Also, there are independent doctors of optometry at the store. So, almost all the eye care facilities are available at the Lenscrafters store. Lenscrafters is famous among people of all ages. It has both trending glass frames and comfortable ones. So it has everything for everyone’s needs.

Vision insurance covers accepted by Lenscrafters

Three are some insurance policies that are accepted by LensCrafters. Some of the insurance company policies are only for online purchases while some have both online and in-store value. Here is a separate explanation for both situations.

Some online and in-store plans include

  • Aetna
  • Always health
  • Care home town
  • Life and health insurance
  • Cross blue shield of north
  • Vision care source companion
  • Eyemed GVS
  • Media Mutual of Ohio
  • Health Humana independent health

Some insurance that is accepted in-store only are as follows

  • Blue shield community
  • Puerto Rico UPMC NBA blue cross
  • Puerto RICO MES MMM

Make sure that you check if your insurance company is under the list of accepted names. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected. So always check before purchasing anything online and offline.

How to claim insurance at Lenscrafters?

Your eye care package depends on your insurance coverage. Different insurance policies provide different coverage. And hence covers the different eye work. So it highly depends on your insurance coverage. If you have insurance that covers both online and in-store then you do not have to fill out the claim form and submit it. But on the other hand, if the situation is different then you have to fill out the claim form and attach all the necessary documents with it. Every state has different criteria for the documents so you have to call the in-store agent first. They will explain to you all the necessary documents and information. You can also take information about your insurance coverage package through a call and It’s always better to ask first. So, make sure that you have all the necessary documents along with you before going for the eyewear purchase or check-up.

Eye exam cost at Lenscrafters

Several factors describe the cost of the eye exam. First of all, is your insurance coverage. If you have the right insurance coverage for your eye exam then you have to pay less than $100 for your eye exam. However, store distance and location play a great role in this. Make sure that you inquire about the eye exam cost plans before going to the store. You can call your nearest store.

Almost all the checkups are very affordable on LensCrafters. So you do not have to worry much about the price. Because you do not have an insurance policy then you can also afford the treatment. The eye frame and lens cost depend upon the quality that a customer selects. For example, if you select blue cross blue shields then the cost is much more than the usual frames.

How to save money without insurance?

If you don’t have the insurance coverage for the eye exam or to buy eyewear then here are some tips that will help you. You can save some extra money on your eyewear by following these tips and tricks. Make sure that you follow all.

1) Lenscrafters’ online store has many discount coupons for the first purchases and all. So check the price for both online and offline. Go with the one which has the lowest price. Do not forget to cross-check the price at a different offline store. Sometimes there is a price difference between the different stores.

2) Usually, one pair costs $200 to $400 at LensCrafters. Make sure that you avoid an eye exam if you have done that sometime before. Directly go for the frame purchase/ that way your total bill will come to around $150_$100. So you will eventually save some extra money on your Lenscrafters purchase.


There is no doubt that Lenscrafters, a name associated with eyewear and eye care, is one of the most recognized brands in this sector. They have some good quality lenses with expert doctors for an eye exam. It is expensive compared to the other eyewear brands. But LensCrafters accept insurance coverage so it becomes affordable for people to purchase eyewear from Lenscrafters.

Here is the answer to the most asked question “what insurance does Lenscrafters take?” It is a complete guide on how to claim insurance for Lenscrafters eyewear. Hope you will find this helpful.

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